“City of Death”

Hey Shaumbra

I was born in Oświęcim (Auschwitz) city of the Holocaust, a city where people showed other people how much they lack love for themselves and their neighbor. In a city where human life meant so much as soap that can be produced from the human body. I was born in the city of light – Auschwitz in Polish it is OŚWIĘCIM – comes from the Polish word OŚWIECENIE – ENLIGHTENMENT, in the city of light, which has claimed its darkness. And on all this, on all experiences of the history of this place, I become. It is the reason that it is me.

The name of the city of Oświęcim has three legends that tell about it. One of them tells about the priest who, entering the tunnel, was enlightened by light. The second one is about the same priest who saw the saints in the dark tunnel and shouted – Oh, saints! And the third concerns the enlightenment of this priest who, in the dark, shines with the light of consciousness.

The greatest light attracts the greatest darkness, do you know that? You can also put it in the opposite direction, you can see your greatest light only in the dark tunnel, where nothing is reaching. There are only darkness and us. There, you can find the greatest treasures for yourself, you just have to dare. Why the treasures? Because we can not see them in everyday life, we only see the tops of the mountain, not suspecting that behind the fog, there is a solid rock, fused with us.

When we allow darkness to cover us with our night, we are left alone. We experience the greatest fears, and in fact, only then we can see them in full. During the day no one is afraid of the dark. In the darkest night, we come to the worst scenarios of life and death, ourselves and our families, friends, and enemies. Comes jealousy, pride, comes fear for existence, for a word, a decay. But when we allow it to be noticed, to its emergence, which we have not been willing to do – Oh! Then it’s just happening!

You can say NO – it does not concern me. But YES, everyone has as much light in them as the dark. Each of us is a human being, he lives in collective consciousness and has similar fears, he carries darkness in himself. Allow it to manifest itself in all its glory and accept it, it is the real path to enlightenment. Then we can create fully.

One day, I came up with a controversial inscription on cotton bags which was – I LOVE AUSCHWITZ. At that time I thought that I meant a city that I love. But there is much more in it. What happened in Auschwitz touched the depths of darkness, the darkness that has always been, it always there, and always will be in every human. And I honestly admit that I love this darkness, and precisely that it has manifested itself for me in such a close environment that I could grow up in its neighborhood. Feel its breath on my back. It taught me to associate with darkness, to let it go, not to look away, and sometimes even to joke about it.

Do not get me wrong, I do not judge what happened there, though I could do it without a problem. For my soul, the most important thing is what brought me to me, Ania living a few hundred meters away. Ania who, wherever she went and said where she was from, was in a state of confusion and disbelief. How is it to live in Auschwitz they asked from everywhere, making big eyes. I used to say that normally, just like in another city. But no, now I see everything much deeper, much more aware, now I feel the difference.

I live in a city that has prophesied enlightenment. It shone so much that it attracted the greatest darkness. Now I could love this darkness, love all the stories of the victims and executioners. No judging. I allowed myself to love the darkness and it shined with the pure light of love. I am here and now. I Am who I Am. I Am Love.

I Am in the right place and everything is good in all creation, all we need to do is understand this.