For those who want to experience duality, the world will always be dual.

From this duality we come ourselves, we fell into it many times, plunged into wars, suffering and poverty. Everything to touch yourself, your core, and to wake up. Everything tends to evolve, as it happens, let’s leave it open, you never know how the world serves us.

I remember visiting an adult scarehouse then my early boyfriend and friend were afraid to go inside, so I went in with my best friend Nina and three girls from London.

We experienced the worst fears together, people grabbed us by the ankles in a room full of long ribbons with no light, we saw a corpse, a house where there was harm, and everywhere danger was lurking. At the exit, at the door, when everyone thought that it was finally over, a man with a working chainsaw jumped at us. When I saw him, I thought in one second, it was an exaggeration and I said, standing first from the shore to the man – scare them, they will get scared. And I pointed to the girls behind me. The man widened his surprised eyes and rushed with all his impetus at the girls behind me, and I walked through the door, unperturbed, they dispersed and entered back to the fear house.

This is what it looks like with duality, it frightens those who believe in it, who fear it, and we those who have no fear, have no specific goal, who allow, go ahead because we know that this fear is for other people, for their own fun, for their strong experiences, even if they don’t realize it themselves.

We can show that we are different, that’s the best we can do for humanity. Honestly, you can live differently, but will people fleeing their fear hear us? Only if they find out that there is something wrong in this world, and it is all just an illusion. Then they will see you, but it’s their own decision. For those who are awake, we are and will be. Just as Tobias, Adamus, Kuthumi, Jesus were here for us.

Greetings, beloved, for those who see, for those who hear, and certainly for those who feel.

There is nothing to be afraid of in our future. Unless that’s what you want.