About freedom in new energy relationships

The hardest thing in the new energy relationship is that there is not yet a definite ground for you to tackle on the occasion of your troubles. As one of the first in the world we are in new energies, we learn to love ourselves, we sense sensuality, senses, but the relationships of the Masters are still true novelty and curiosity, because neither Adamus nor Tobias ever had such relationships. When with the other person we feel and act intuitively, without the mind – we do not see the whole, and for the human nature of man is strange, is unknown.

Fortunately, the rest is the easiest. šŸ™‚

The possibility of loving another person in total freedom and in harmony with his feelings is one of my greatest experiences. When we share our space with the other Master we do not have to worry about anything, carry anyone on our back, we are not tied to anything, and we still get the most beautiful – unconditional love, deep respect for the other side, joy and tenderness in the most beautiful scene.

By choosing ourselves and loving ourselves, we become free of all previous preferences, collective minds, obligations and other similar insignificant details. We no longer need anyone to be in love to create the best potential. We are unbelievably self-sufficient and we surround ourselves with a wonderful love for ourselves that warms us always the same. But when we meet the other like so self-sufficient being, we can share space with her and enjoy being together here and now. Enjoy the wine on the balcony overlooking the mountains, enjoy a great meal, admire the greenery of the forest, touch with total consent and love feeling everything just like never before.
At some point, when we get to know other people, other masters, other embodied angels, the question arises – What does this total freedom mean in relation to new energies?

Imagine two wonderful embodied new energy Masters who share HERE and NOW living. Their life is really beautiful, they understand without words, they feel their distance better and worse days because they have no need to live with each other. The world itself sets common moments for them, and they enjoy it. They dance with what comes to their door. They are a mirror to themselves, they enjoy the world together and appreciate each other.

One day, on one of the lonely expeditions, Mistress meets the Angel incarnate. He is so free and shines with the unbelievable brilliance that Master falls in love with without thinking. His every gesture and sound inspires her. Mistress sees in this event thousands of possible potentials of this encounter, which in one moment is living in itself. He leaves the angel in the mountains and returns home filled with love for the new being. And this is beautiful.

The Master travels to another country, stay a little alone with himself, bathe in salty water and feel the taste of the Mediterranean country. On his way, he meets a beautiful student. The girl is free and has an open mind. When the student is ready, the Master appears there. They spend a lot of time with each other because there is space. In one of these days, they go to the beach together and bathe together in the sea. The Master is free from any bans what he can and can not do. And this is beautiful.

Master, being in another country, feels the Master’s new relationship, feels open to the student, and his doubts and the question in his head – What does this total freedom mean in relation to new energy? Master writes to the Master – Do what you feel šŸ™‚ – and after that, it smells of the joy of freedom and light that flows from this acceptance of everything that can happen. It’s so beautiful; it’s so clean, it’s so free.

And everything would probably have been covered with roses in this story, if not for the fact that our humanity is still trapped in us. Our human minds come to the voice and outgrow the true ideas. Mistress wakes up the next day with a moral hangover. The game enters the mind that tries to spoil everything. The darkest potentials come to voice, which will be good anyway if they show up. Because it is known that everything is good in all creation. Why only for the moment is the most difficult?

After the return of the Masters of new energy, it turns out that nothing happened between them and other people. Only the potentials of what could have happened and would have happened if the Masters would have felt so. This freedom has not yet been defined, but the gateway is still open. Only our humanity does not allow full of what this freedom means. Are we going to stop at the potential, or will we share with others in joy and love?



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