We are here to share with people our greatest gift, the potential of being enlightened master living on Earth, not in heavens, but on Earth here and now with other people in a human body. We call it Embodiment. The Embodiment is a new paradigm on Earth, a new standard for living in the new consciousness. It is not a better life. It is an entirely new way of living, and no one before was doing so.

We have created this site to share our experiences on our journey to enlightenment, which was not always easy and filled with roses. We are here to share with others who feel similar and find themselves in our stories. For many years we were alone with this, and no one was able to explain what was happening to us. Now we know where we are and why we are here on earth.



In my life, I always followed my intuition. I knew there was something more and that I could have that insight. We are the creators of our lives, and I created my own with adventures. I went through all the stages of shamans, witches, healers, and I was married, I was femme fatal, I was like you the infinite number of creations to finally leave them all behind. Now I am pure consciousness. There are no stories. I got rid of it. Only I am. This is true freedom in the life of human and in the life of the Master.



I have played so many roles in my life that when I talk about my life people do not trust me, or they think I’m a freak.┬áIn the past, I was an entrepreneur, and I ran businesses. At the moment I am involved in art, painting, writing and traveling. Once I could write a book in this place, and now all my stories I could sum up in words: I Am All that I Am, and nothing else matters…

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