There is nothing more than I Am. You are consciousness, and you are a god. It’s hard to consider yourself as a master then how do you say that You are a God? In mass consciousness, we are not worthy to compare ourselves to a god, or even look at him. We are not worthy to call ourselves as masters.
For many years I have considered this concept that I am a god, a god, similar to him. But to acknowledge oneself entirely as a god, not in mind, in theory, caused a great sense of guilt, scandal, fear, sinfulness, and unworthiness.
But the concept of god in mass consciousness is nothing more than giving responsibility for yourself to someone else. There is no greater authority of the being than you. You are the creator of everything that surrounds you. The god concept is just a power game. It is an illusion of power, which someone else is stronger than us, so we feel like little sinner sheep. The human god concept is a great illusion. Now, say it to the people on the street, in a country where 97% of people are Catholics! Hahahaha! “Shame! How can you say that? It is the worst blasphemy to call yourself the god. You will go to hell. To the worst.”
ARE YOU READY TO CLAIM YOURSELF TRULY AS A GOD? Let it go the illusion of human “power god” and take responsibility for yourself? There is nothing more than YOU. You are all.

And so it is…


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