Life of the average human is based on searching for problems and then solving them through hardship.
As a human, we are used to it. Such action is firmly rooted in mass consciousness.
This is the main motivation of human life, have no problems, pains and be happy.
Many people may think that their lives are great because they have a lot of passions and interests.
But to be true… human problems come down to health, money, relationships, and self-esteem. That’s it. For many lifetimes. It could be a fun and nice experience to live in this limited reality, but it’s time to expand beyond this. Human will never solve his problems because if he solves them it will appear again in another form. This is the nature of the human mind and how it works. Solving problems, achieving goals and desires is a food for the mind.
But now we are freeing ourselves from our minds, and mass consciousness.

At the beginning, as it began in my life, I lost all my human passions and interests. For several years, I tried to go for something new that would bring me joy. But the old methods did not work. Simply, my passion for life has expired. For some time I was wondering if I want to live at all and it makes sense to stay here being surrounded by people who live matters that no longer concern me and which do NOT INTEREST ME AT ALL. I was ready to die.

Now I watch the news, listen to old friends and family… everything is fun for me, I watch it all like a cartoon, a comic show in which I no longer participate. I used to take everything seriously and let myself be drawn in and live with this performance. I used to take it all seriously and I was afraid that I could go wrong in this performance, and the worst thing is that something could happen to me for real.

I played a lot of the role of being a victim, abuser, living in lack, struggling with illnesses and many unsuccessful romances, and of course many more pleasant roles.
But now it’s over. How many times can we play the same? I’m bored with the show.

We can of course stay and play human games in infinity or just say no more and get out of the show!
Yes, we can leave the show! All of this was a human performance, just an experience. But that’s not all that we really are.
We do not have to finish our stories, nor wait for the moment when we solve all of our problems, it is impossible. The only thing we can do is to accept it. Everything that is not entirely our way and fulfills human desires.

As uncle Adamus said at this moment sadness and nostalgia may appear. Why do we just find out about it now and why did it last so long? Sadness that our old human life goes away, which we loved so much and we will not return to it. This is a sweet sadness. A memory of human experiences. A sense of loneliness that we do not belong to the world of mass consciousness that has been so close to us, and now we simply stand beside it all.

At this point, all of our human experiences distill into the sweet nectar of the soul, and we are ready to go for more of ourselves.



Yesterday my mother called me with a grudge that I did not answer her phone. I did not have a phone with me, so I did not answer it. She saw that I did not feel guilty, so she wanted to scare me. She said that I have very important letters from the offices and I have to read them. I have not read or received mail for a long time, so again it did not impress me. But I got mad at it! Why the hell should I do something?

I do not have a duty to answer the phone every time. I have no obligation to explain to anyone of my decisions. I have no obligation to read official letters. I have no duties to others.
I am a free human.
Yes, I can like my parents, my family, and country in which I was born, I respect them, but nobody has to give anything to anyone. We are free if we choose it or we can continue to play this duty game.
But we must remember that we are creators. We are the greatest authorities for ourselves. And we decide for ourselves, not someone else. If we recognize our authority, we are free from others and at the same time we give them freedom too.


Are you your authority or are you serving others?
Do you serve energy or energy serve you?

If we recognize our mastery, we take responsibility for ourselves. We acknowledge that we are the only creators of our lives, then everything adjusts to us not we to others. Energy serves us.



Today I had a very nice day and a lot of peace in myself that filled me to the brim. Suddenly I met my uncle, who had a lot of doubts and everything I said was afraid and he was looking for problems. He wanted to advise me, but he really tried to scare me. However, I was filled with deep peace and I knew that it was me who created my reality, not my uncle’s fear. Someday, I would like to understand him and I would start to get angry and be afraid with him. But not today! No more! I choose different! I took care of my business while remaining calm. Later a friend called me and tried to tell me something important and at that time my phone battery was low and it turned off. The conversation was interrupted. My mind went crazy and began to give me the worst scenarios of conversation, I began to recall old memories and problems. But in the end I calmed down and said that I would choose differently! No more doubts! I don’t want this shit! I came home, recharged the phone and called back to her. I asked what was going on. And she replied that she just wanted to ask me what TV to buy. I laughed to myself and asked „That’s all?”. The reality that was at the beginning and what was later completely different. It made me realize that there is absolutely nothing to worry about things that we do not want. All problems, hardships, fears, fear are just an illusion. Focusing on them is a waste of time, because it’s not real. We may succumb to someone’s moods, or let it go and say that it’s not ours.
We always can take a good deep breath and choose what we want to experience. And each time we can change the scenario. We are the creators and only we are responsible for it. No one else. That’s it.

We need to be clear about what we want to experience. It is not about details that the mind feeds on. No intentions or mantras. It is just a saying and choosing a direction like “I want to be happy and feel good regardless of others”.
Assuming this with clarity and bold. I call it energy setting.

What are you choosing?
Remember you are completely free, you are the creator.
You are the point of creation. Everything starts and ends in you.


Your human life does not matter (I’m so sorry…)

Everything we do in our life, all our efforts and care for a good life are not very important in what we really are here for. Everything serves our awakening, but how it manifests itself in our lives, what kind of work we have, who we help, in what house we live, whether we are fat or thin, whether we are intelligent or not necessarily. It does not matter. Energy adapts to us, no matter in which direction we follow, what decision we will make. Everything adjusts to us, energy leads us to know ourselves, to awaken. We can not do it wrong. We’ve done it already a long time ago. What is happening now is experiencing it again.
Many of us are trying to live life with dignity. We try to improve our human lives, health and abundance.
Then it seems to us that we will be happy. But it usually does not work. It may look superficially good, but it is not true happiness just patching holes.
If your job is to lose weight and stick to a good diet, or find a good job, a beloved partner or that fucking enlightenment, it’s human motivation! Your life is managed by the ego. This is not real life. This is mostly survival.

So what the hell are we supposed to do?

The funniest thing about all this is that all our hardships and endeavors did not matter. All your diplomas, your IQ, certificates, academic titles, professional achievements. Everything that was important to a human being is of little importance. If you have not done anything all your life and you have no achievements, that’s great, you have not lost anything! This is great news for all losers!
I’m so pissed that they told me to learn at school!

You did not have to meditate or do spiritual efforts. You did not have to cleanse your body and practice difficult yoga figures. You did not have to eat organic food. You could eat meat, gluten, sweeten tea, smoke cigarettes and eat cookies with preservatives. You did not have to help everyone and be nice to others.
THIS was just a distraction. Big fat story.

So what the hell are we supposed to do?



Just take a deep breath and allow to be your essence, to be YOU.
Radiate this essence, stay in your pure existence.

And do no-thing.

I’m not joking.

I am very serious Master.



Once, when something wonderful came to me, I was delighted, I was happy and what came, I tried to secure and hide it. I had expectations for this and I was throwing myself at it with all my thoughts. How it will be?
How to improve it, how to reproduce this wonderful creation? What to do to always be that way?
Later, there was fear of loss, failure, lack of self-confidence and many other human problems.
Then the whole creation stopped. And I tried even harder to fix it. But the more I tried it, everything was fucked up.
The moment when I really had enough of all, I gave up. I set it aside for a while. Then everything began to come back to life and surprise me.
Again everything was great and I kept repeating my creation scheme. And everything was fucked up again. Thousands of times!
So after years of struggle, I got to the truth that I would like to share with you now.
A wonderful creation has come to you. You’re happy, you invite it. It’s wonderful. You look at how it blooms. You allow it to bloom even more. You do not wonder in which direction other flowers, potentials have blossomed. You just let it blossom forever without limitations. Potentials generate potentials. Potential of potentials generate new potentials. And so for ever. You admire the garden of your creations, which are free and unlimited by human understanding of reality. This is a real creation, full of joy and fulfillment!

And so it is!