Be a Child

I saw my inner child last time, and I see it now in every person.
I never understood this concept of an “inner child”, because I am “grown-up” and serious, so how can I be a child. My mind completely denied it.
The most traumatic experience for a human is coming to earth.
Being born in this limited reality. A deep sense of fear, anxiety, getting lost, looking for a way to go out, if it’s done well, and whether we’ll get out of here at all. Can anyone help us? A constant search for yourself, a way to get out of this limited reality, human life. We know deeply that we are something more, but we do not see it. It causes significant discomfort, uncertainty, lack of control and trust.
That’s how a frightened child behaves.
When this child realizes that fear is unnecessary, when it begins to trust its wisdom and knowledge, then it calms down and falls asleep.
It trusts, permits and does not expect anything anymore.
As soon as the child is not afraid, it begins to dream, rejoice, feel the passion, desire to create and feel the real joy of life that flows at any moment.
An adult person is also a child hidden under the mask of ego and mass consciousness and often unaware that it is also a child… because he is an adult, so how can he be a child!
Children remarkably remind us of who we are formerly under this entire hard shell of adulthood.
Since there is nothing to be afraid of, there is no one to run away from, and it is nothing just to play and feel the joy of life! Like a child!

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