Last Communion

It’s time to break up with identifying with the group. Yes, we’ve always lived in a group so far, it gave us strength and added glitz, but that’s it. Now we are starting the era of ourselves and this is a great, big change.

Women no longer have to identify with women, men with men, employees with work, masters with masters.

Previously, power was in the circle, no matter if it was family or community. Christians worshiped and worship this circle, uniting – eating communion, wafer, Christ’s body. This state of being, feeling a lot bigger, being part of a big plan, is no longer valid for us. When humen fully develops love for themselves, it shines with its own light. He does not have to impress anyone anymore, he does not have to reflect in others, all he needs is his energy, and he can be much bigger and larger than ever before.

Ancient rituals also sought to unite energy so that it would grow, it would be stronger, but enough of it. Energy is everywhere and we decide how much we will allow in our body how much will come to us. For the first time in many, many lifetimes, we can leave our Angels, our guides, our gurus and move into ourselves, where we are the greatest master, where nobody will tell us what to do, because only we can know, because only we are us . We choose, we have everything, we are sovereign and ourselves, without anyone’s help we can go our own way like never before. We can listen to ourselves, collect synchronicities and fulfill the best potentials for us and that is true freedom, to be sovereign.

It is the time of individuals, their passions, their lights. The circle ceases to exist, it has already fulfilled all its roles, all tasks and now we are going alone. We are everything and everyone.

We ourselves are the whole circle. And this is great.



* Communion – emotional identification with the community, with the environment.

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Finding Yourself

I was searching and trying to find myself very hard. I felt very deep inside me that I am much more than what I see. I tried to find love outside me, and I tried to find abundance outside me. Everything that I wanted in my life was outside of me. I was trying to find the way out from limited human reality. I set goals, procedures, techniques, meditations, and I read all the possible books. I was great in theory, but it just kept me away from me even more. I was frustrated, after a while from the rest I tried to find myself again, and again.
I was frustrated and still searching for myself, for real fulfillment. I was continually looking for the missing puzzles that never fit together and were still missing something. When I was exhausted and gave up all attempts, I just had no more strength for it, and then everything suddenly started happening better than I expected. When I saw it, I tried to get involved again and improve the result by working on it. Then everything was fucked up again. I repeated this pattern thousands of times, for many years. I never had what I wanted, and I was always separated from what I wanted.

After many years, I realized that I was playing a mind game that is impossible to win, and it never ends. This game never gives a sense of fulfillment and real satisfaction.
I tried to get to know myself, my divinity through the prism of my mind. The mind has an insufficient spectrum of reality perception. Everything is simplified. The mind created goals, objects of desire placed far in the future that never happens.
All life always happens in the now moment only. There are no exceptions.
The question is, are we blind to the majesty of real life that is happening now or do we dream the illusions of a better life that will occur somewhere in the future?

We say YES, of course, we want to live now…

But at this moment we realize that there is nothing beautiful here at the moment, it is definitely not what we would like to experience. There is no money, no love, no enlightenment, no body what we would want. We see a simple gray everyday life that is merely boring, or full of problems and desires.
It is impossible that this boredom is unique and beautiful.
And then again, we start to repeat our search. We do not feel right where we are. Still, we expect something better. We begin to dream, hope and plan. We are drowning again in the illusion of a better future that never happens.
We are again in conflict with the life that is happening now and our expectations of what it should be.
The end of this painful mind game is to accept everything as it is, no matter how seeming it looks. Is it beautiful or ugly, pleasant or unpleasant… it is labels…. it is just as it is.

One of the most profound words: “All is well in all of creation.” express the end of searching, judging, struggling, and achieving illusionary objects from the mind.

And so it is!