Safe Space

I do not know if anyone more than I appreciated the safe space in life. From an early age, I lived in a fictitious world, the world of my imagination. When other children played with each other in the playground, I separated myself and created a safe space in my head, an entirely different world in which I exist almost as much time as in the real world.

When in the primary school we moved with the family to a new home, I quickly got to the attic. I cleaned up all the lumber that lived there and created my first real safe space. To get to me, the family had to overcome many stairs, so hardly anyone appeared there. In the gate to the attic, in the staircase, I drew huge paintings that expressed me. On the main wall at the entrance, I drew a plant growing high with the eye instead of the inflorescence. Under the drawing, I wrote: “Look at the world from a different point of view.”
In this room, I was discovering spirituality, and I was hiding my first books, I talked with God and Angels. I experienced the first love, and I built friendships.

I lived like that for several years, but even the safe space in the family home became too small for my soul at some point. I could not find myself in being an obedient daughter. My parents gave me a lot of freedom anyway, but I needed more. When I was 15, I got to Krakow, 60 km from Oświęcim – my hometown. Then I unconsciously began to release my family ties. I lived in a boarding school for girls and came home only on weekends. It was a real mixing of energy, very necessary at that moment to be reflected in my roommates like in mirrors. We lived in five in one room, each of us had a strong personality, and none of us interfered in the life of another.

After finishing high school I found a school in Warsaw, not knowing the city, nor having any person close to me, I went to the capital. I lived in student apartments, and it was another dose of freedom. Too far from the family to go on weekends, without old friends. Everything was new and free. I had a great room where I could develop my occult interests. It seemed to be my path then, now I know it was just a staircase to see that the world is much more mysterious. I grew bigger and more open to my gifts – intuition, imagination, a feeling of energy. I met the shamans, talked to ghosts, meditated.

In retrospect, I see how important it was in this life. Everywhere I went, I broke away from the bond. More and more. I grew up alone, which was the greatest gift for me. Later I wanted to be close, stable, fell in love and closed in a space of my husband for several years. There was no old me, I stopped dreaming, I stopped talking with Angels. In the husband’s apartment, everything was his and on his terms. Even if I smuggled something, it was a compromise and it was not really mine. Stuck. I felt bad, I slowly disappeared, but it seemed to me that if I love someone, it is so necessary. I accepted hundreds of compromises, I entered my husband’s energy completely, I stopped leaving the house, meeting people. It was a strange time to lose myself. One day, broken and destroyed by endless quarrels, I sat on the couch and floated away into my world of imagination. The world of safe space from childhood. It was so easy for me and so forgotten. I felt like I found the way to myself in an instant. In my safe space I was still there. I WERE, regardless of the circumstances and who I became as a wife, I was still intact there. It changed everything.

I remember how I breathed the fresh air when my husband was already showing me a flat for renovation in which I could live until I sorted out the divorce. I saw ragged walls illuminated by the sun. I saw my new safe space, and it shone a thousand potentials for me. I did not see the broken walls, and I saw the furniture, the beds, my son’s colorful room, but the most beautiful was the luminous road leading straight to itself, to self-development, to awakening consciousness.

A safe space is invaluable for a human who wants to open himself. It is the opening of the gate.

If we want to feel the true self, experience the master who lives inside of us, we must separate ourselves from the energy of others. Go to the forest, live alone, create from scratch your safe space, so that in the womb you can grow without turbulence. This time, however, having only oneself and taking only what is ours.

When we create a world around us on our terms or find a place where we feel at home, we naturally start to open.
For the first time, we open ourselves completely. Nobody bothers us, so we grow, and fly to our mastery.



Trips with Shaumbra are adventurous as possible and are remembered for a long time in intense colors. And this trip was unique, it was a meeting of masters – Master’s in Munich – with three hundred Shaumbra from around the world, with tremendously high energy around, with live Yoham music and Soy musicians, with the first performance in the history of Shaumbra Theater, with Linda, Geoffrey, Adamus, and Kuthumi, with Shoud, live in the Transhuman series.

And the most important were the meetings – those with the Masters and those with themselves.

When we reached the place by tram with Hubert, a middle-aged man was sitting next to us. He was dressed quite simply, a yellow t-shirt, black shorts in headgear. On that casket, we noticed at some point a pirate pin – a skull with crossed bones – and then I felt that it was just beginning.

Later everything went very smoothly, the first we met nice ladies from the United States and Germany. They greeted us warmly in a common way to the place where the Shoud was. The most beautiful of these early meetings was the unlikely openness of each other. We hugged each other and looked at the clarity of our eyes. There was some magic of engagement, maybe identifying with the group and great happiness that accompanied us to the end of the event.

Before the start of the event, I got to know Geoffrey. Hubert came down with him from the stairs, so I dared to come up. As if something pushed me to him. I greeted him, handed him a hand, and he hugged me all over and looked me in the eyes. I will never forget these eyes, clear, gray and full of peace and beauty, and this flowing energy from this meeting, soft and nice, as if I was immersed in a warm cloud. I felt our souls recognized.

The hall was like a theater scene, the rows of chairs were collapsed from the stage, and the red curtain lit by violet headlights, the green trees in the large pots, and, of course, two ornamental chairs. Linda and Geoffrey started with a beautiful welcome, and it turned out that Shaumbra had come to this event from twenty-five countries, eighty percent of the audience had made a certified SES course, and the audience’s energy was dangling in the air like a Fata Morgana. Adamus started with an energetic strike. He returned to Atlantis and congratulated us that we are here again in the Master’s consciousness. He was moved by the fact that something that was a dream of the wise men of Atlantis was really present on our Earth. He grounded our I am. He raised our consciousness.

After this incredible merabh it was hard to talk about. So deep down I reached the essence of myself that it seemed impossible to talk to other people. I felt beneath my feet, my consciousness expanded, and my senses gave me the feeling that I had live stones in my hands, a live rock that was moving, which had no end. The coffee from Hubert brought me back to Earth, and it was after the break. I thought that, like these next three meetings would be the same, I do not know whether my body will survive.

The next meeting was much milder. Lina and Geoff introduced new courses, and trips that are still available and they greatly relaxed the atmosphere. Each Shaumbra had the opportunity to bow to their country when Linda was reading the guests. For some unknown reason I stood up with the French greeting, thankfully Hubert made me realize that Poland had not read yet, so later I bowed to him beautifully in polish too. I could later explain to strangers that I am a citizen of the whole world and that borders are not terrible for me.

The next two shows were beautiful live Yoham music, which could be purchased later in the hall before the entrance, which of course I did. Adamus talked to us about himself, and Kuthumi explained how his senses looked when he was illuminated. Just before my arrival, I announced that I was going to dance with Adamus, and when Kuthumi came to channel Geoffrey, I knew that dancing would be inevitable. At one point when Yoham was playing a beautiful, sensual music, I saw two women who broke into a dance. At the same time, I smiled at my lovely newly discovered neighbor on the left and grabbed her hand, and we flew to the stage. This time I think we were surprised by Linda, who did not know what to do with our dancing. Yoham started to play faster and faster, and at one point everyone in the Hall was one big dance and joy. But it was spontaneous and beautiful.

Tired of dancing, we left the building, but we did not want to go far away because this was the first time Shaumbra Theater had ever been held here. In this short break we were able to meet and feel the energy of a large part of the youngest Shaumbra with whom we sat on the grass. Our unconcerned enthusiasm and joy a bit disturbed the seniors, who occasionally complained in German for too big excitement.

Theatrical performance was a miracle, laughter, great figures and people with a passion for theater. I did not think before that spectacle that all Shaumbra were so similar. Everyone wants love, everyone is a master on earthly transitions and has his family of angels who are constantly trying to help us – a stray pirate. A great initiative, which was rewarded with loud applause. I hope there will still be a chance to see the continuation of “To be or not to be human”.

As for the second day, it was pure sensuality. Adamus step by step showed us how to open senses. Four very talented guitarists entered the stage with Passion, and they felt more and more and more and more boldly, still differently. It was a real gift for me – guitar lovers and singers. ACH …

Finally, the audience lit up in the dance, which Linda might have expected after the previous day. Later at the end of the whole event and after all the thanks, our quiet queen came out to the audience to talk to the royal family – that is us.

I walked up to Linda with a momentum – how not now when! I greeted and said that this was my first time with them live. Linda was very nice, so I asked her about Poland when they came to us. She seemed convinced that they were planning a meeting in our homeland, and when I said seriously and straight to Linda’s beautiful eyes – “We’re waiting for you” – returning the seriousness, she promised to remember at the earliest opportunity when planning future expeditions. She thanked me for coming, and I thanked her for everything. Later we said goodbye to the rest of the newcomers, we exchanged facebook contacts and left a strong resolve to return.

As soon as possible.


No Stories no worries

The world is full of history different people, they are not always nice. In fact, each story and its image depends on the viewer’s point of view. When we are truly free, happening from other people’s lives, and from our lives, turn into paintings that we can admire as in the gallery. They stop being bad, or good. They are just stories that have something to teach us. Nothing more.