“City of Death”

Hey Shaumbra

I was born in Oświęcim (Auschwitz) city of the Holocaust, a city where people showed other people how much they lack love for themselves and their neighbor. In a city where human life meant so much as soap that can be produced from the human body. I was born in the city of light – Auschwitz in Polish it is OŚWIĘCIM – comes from the Polish word OŚWIECENIE – ENLIGHTENMENT, in the city of light, which has claimed its darkness. And on all this, on all experiences of the history of this place, I become. It is the reason that it is me.

The name of the city of Oświęcim has three legends that tell about it. One of them tells about the priest who, entering the tunnel, was enlightened by light. The second one is about the same priest who saw the saints in the dark tunnel and shouted – Oh, saints! And the third concerns the enlightenment of this priest who, in the dark, shines with the light of consciousness.

The greatest light attracts the greatest darkness, do you know that? You can also put it in the opposite direction, you can see your greatest light only in the dark tunnel, where nothing is reaching. There are only darkness and us. There, you can find the greatest treasures for yourself, you just have to dare. Why the treasures? Because we can not see them in everyday life, we only see the tops of the mountain, not suspecting that behind the fog, there is a solid rock, fused with us.

When we allow darkness to cover us with our night, we are left alone. We experience the greatest fears, and in fact, only then we can see them in full. During the day no one is afraid of the dark. In the darkest night, we come to the worst scenarios of life and death, ourselves and our families, friends, and enemies. Comes jealousy, pride, comes fear for existence, for a word, a decay. But when we allow it to be noticed, to its emergence, which we have not been willing to do – Oh! Then it’s just happening!

You can say NO – it does not concern me. But YES, everyone has as much light in them as the dark. Each of us is a human being, he lives in collective consciousness and has similar fears, he carries darkness in himself. Allow it to manifest itself in all its glory and accept it, it is the real path to enlightenment. Then we can create fully.

One day, I came up with a controversial inscription on cotton bags which was – I LOVE AUSCHWITZ. At that time I thought that I meant a city that I love. But there is much more in it. What happened in Auschwitz touched the depths of darkness, the darkness that has always been, it always there, and always will be in every human. And I honestly admit that I love this darkness, and precisely that it has manifested itself for me in such a close environment that I could grow up in its neighborhood. Feel its breath on my back. It taught me to associate with darkness, to let it go, not to look away, and sometimes even to joke about it.

Do not get me wrong, I do not judge what happened there, though I could do it without a problem. For my soul, the most important thing is what brought me to me, Ania living a few hundred meters away. Ania who, wherever she went and said where she was from, was in a state of confusion and disbelief. How is it to live in Auschwitz they asked from everywhere, making big eyes. I used to say that normally, just like in another city. But no, now I see everything much deeper, much more aware, now I feel the difference.

I live in a city that has prophesied enlightenment. It shone so much that it attracted the greatest darkness. Now I could love this darkness, love all the stories of the victims and executioners. No judging. I allowed myself to love the darkness and it shined with the pure light of love. I am here and now. I Am who I Am. I Am Love.

I Am in the right place and everything is good in all creation, all we need to do is understand this.



Life of the average human is based on searching for problems and then solving them through hardship.
As a human, we are used to it. Such action is firmly rooted in mass consciousness.
This is the main motivation of human life, have no problems, pains and be happy.
Many people may think that their lives are great because they have a lot of passions and interests.
But to be true… human problems come down to health, money, relationships, and self-esteem. That’s it. For many lifetimes. It could be a fun and nice experience to live in this limited reality, but it’s time to expand beyond this. Human will never solve his problems because if he solves them it will appear again in another form. This is the nature of the human mind and how it works. Solving problems, achieving goals and desires is a food for the mind.
But now we are freeing ourselves from our minds, and mass consciousness.

At the beginning, as it began in my life, I lost all my human passions and interests. For several years, I tried to go for something new that would bring me joy. But the old methods did not work. Simply, my passion for life has expired. For some time I was wondering if I want to live at all and it makes sense to stay here being surrounded by people who live matters that no longer concern me and which do NOT INTEREST ME AT ALL. I was ready to die.

Now I watch the news, listen to old friends and family… everything is fun for me, I watch it all like a cartoon, a comic show in which I no longer participate. I used to take everything seriously and let myself be drawn in and live with this performance. I used to take it all seriously and I was afraid that I could go wrong in this performance, and the worst thing is that something could happen to me for real.

I played a lot of the role of being a victim, abuser, living in lack, struggling with illnesses and many unsuccessful romances, and of course many more pleasant roles.
But now it’s over. How many times can we play the same? I’m bored with the show.

We can of course stay and play human games in infinity or just say no more and get out of the show!
Yes, we can leave the show! All of this was a human performance, just an experience. But that’s not all that we really are.
We do not have to finish our stories, nor wait for the moment when we solve all of our problems, it is impossible. The only thing we can do is to accept it. Everything that is not entirely our way and fulfills human desires.

As uncle Adamus said at this moment sadness and nostalgia may appear. Why do we just find out about it now and why did it last so long? Sadness that our old human life goes away, which we loved so much and we will not return to it. This is a sweet sadness. A memory of human experiences. A sense of loneliness that we do not belong to the world of mass consciousness that has been so close to us, and now we simply stand beside it all.

At this point, all of our human experiences distill into the sweet nectar of the soul, and we are ready to go for more of ourselves.



Yesterday my mother called me with a grudge that I did not answer her phone. I did not have a phone with me, so I did not answer it. She saw that I did not feel guilty, so she wanted to scare me. She said that I have very important letters from the offices and I have to read them. I have not read or received mail for a long time, so again it did not impress me. But I got mad at it! Why the hell should I do something?

I do not have a duty to answer the phone every time. I have no obligation to explain to anyone of my decisions. I have no obligation to read official letters. I have no duties to others.
I am a free human.
Yes, I can like my parents, my family, and country in which I was born, I respect them, but nobody has to give anything to anyone. We are free if we choose it or we can continue to play this duty game.
But we must remember that we are creators. We are the greatest authorities for ourselves. And we decide for ourselves, not someone else. If we recognize our authority, we are free from others and at the same time we give them freedom too.


Are you your authority or are you serving others?
Do you serve energy or energy serve you?

If we recognize our mastery, we take responsibility for ourselves. We acknowledge that we are the only creators of our lives, then everything adjusts to us not we to others. Energy serves us.


There are many truths

I have always been too stubborn, too proud, too obstinate. Everything, of course, was the way I chose, but on this way to know my fears, I hurt many people with my perfection of one truth. I was like the best detective who wanted to prove to everyone that there is only one truth and that’s what I represent. I had a keen mind and perfect intuition. I could use arguments and sometimes trickery to chase the victim into a corner and prove to her how wrong she is. Often, to the limits of decency, by force, I opened people to the things they did not want to see. And then they burst, they fell apart in their ruins of lies, and I triumphed in the depths of the greatest winner. It was like that. This has been going on for many years, because it seemed to me then that there is only one TRUTH on each topic and it should be followed.

There were many dictators before me, they acted the same way. They had to, like me, prove their highest truth, regardless of the consequences. They could ruin their families, friends, kill whole nations in following their only truth. They could ruin themselves, but they did not let them go, because their mind told them they were RIGHT.

I have already noticed that this was an illusion, and the most releasing truth is precisely that it exists many truths.

However, now that I have started to see other dimensions, it has become so simple and clear.

Imagine two sisters, one is open to feeling and one is closed. They live in one house, have common parents, friends, stay in the same energy. One sees ghosts and talks to them, for the other sister they do not exist. One will give a hand to cut off that there are ghosts, the other will go in, that the sister is crazy, because there are no ghosts. We come to the wall, for the mind someone should decide which sister is telling the truth and who is cheating. However, both sisters have their truth, the most true one possible, because it is true for them. They create their lives the way they want, and indeed for one sister, the world is full of the creation of souls that are no more, for the other these souls do not exist. Each of them has its own truth on this subject and the truth of each is equally true. There is no conflict here. Both tell the truth about their world, none is better or worse. They simply live on other dimensions of the world.

When we begin to open up to the truth, to ourselves, to freedom and love, when we choose to awaken our consciousness, everything changes for us. We are beginning to enter other dimensions of the world. It ceases to be a game of the mind, we break away from following the collective consciousness, we start to reflect everything from each other. Then the world changes, we see another dimension. Suddenly everything becomes more vivid, we see the inner beauty of every being, everything exudes energy. We see the same things in a completely different way than people who endure in a collective consciousness. We are opening further and further, everything is more and deeper, we see beauty and love in everything, even in ugliness, in harm, in betrayal. We change and the world changes with us, but for others, this world is the same as at the beginning of our path. When we enter the next dimension of feeling the world, some of our friends do not see what we do. Then you have to bow with dignity to all who choose otherwise, honor them for the fact that they are going their own way and we must go further, without them.

Spirituality has many dimensions, thousands. Each of them opens a new perception for the next and the next part of our lives. Going further, we already know that not everyone is like us, others have their own truths that are as true to them as our truths. Everyone chooses their own way, because everyone is free. And every conscious free person respects the freedom of another human being.

We come to the point where we can see that there are many truths. Some people may not eat for two years and feel great, others die of hunger on the other side of the world. Some see ghosts, aliens, talk to angels, others see their religion, believe in it and it is just as true for them and this religion can do miracles just as well. There are people who travel between dimensions, see unicorns, dragons, for others it happens only in fantasy books. Our creation is limitless, our dimensions are us, we can connect with consciousness with others in the physical dimension, but our limitations from one dimension, at some point, cease to exist for us. We can then jump between dimensions and choose what is best for us and have our own truth in self-discovery.

You can try to explain your truth to the world, but if someone does not open it, he will never see it. You can see dragons, but if someone does not reach this dimension, they will not see anything. Of course, there are tricks, drugs, herbs. The shamans used them for millions of years to enter a different dimension of perception, but after some time, these doors to dimensions disappear with the disappearance of the drug. We can still experience ayahuasca and enter a different dimension for a moment. Only in high consciousness, the door is always open and every dimension passes through the Master, if he so chooses. This is another phase of freedom, but only true for those who have come there, for all others it will be a cock-and-bull story. And that’s OK.

We enlighten ourselves not for friends and family, not for our children and the whole world. For us. Our creations are for us. It’s always nice to be surrounded by people who see and feel what we do, but not at any price. Not at the cost of a forced stop. Unless you choose it. Our growth reflects on the fate of the world anyway, and who we become is the best example for everyone around us, we do not have to prove anything to anyone and it is beautiful.

The fact that we have many truths is really OK. This is the freedom we have always wanted, let’s use it with love as best we can. For themselves, not for others. For us…



When I start writing or painting I never know what my new work will be. It is always a deep moment of calm and then opening up to what is coming. Sometimes this is the first word, the first brush stroke and for a moment the confusion of the mind that knows nothing what is happening. Then I take a deep breath and open it even more, until my mind goes away for good. I used to learn arts at school. It was a drama for me.
I kept asking myself how to learn art from others? I do not want to paint like others. I want to paint and create the way I want. I quit painting for a few years. I did not go to art school. I’ve closed the creation of art. After almost ten years, I started painting again. I gave up everything I learned in schools. I started painting abstraction paintings completely in my own hands. Inspiration came from me and not from others. I do not create from the mind. Everything I create flows directly from within me. It was a massive breakthrough in my life, to realize that everything flows from me. I’m not looking for things outside anymore. I’m not interested in what colors people like, whether they like it or not. What is now created is completely mine without any restrictions and expectations. I create being in the flow of my consciousness, what arises far goes beyond the mind and the perception of the mind. Sensitive people feel it, and there is no need to explain anything more. Closed people will be looking for techniques, colors that have been used and comparing my creations to other artists. But this is mine and only mine. It is a great feeling to begin to create in a great unknown for the mind and to finish the work in the full understanding of what it is and the deep knowingness that the work is finished. Neither more lines nor less.
This picture is an expression of pure passion of creation without limits, restrictions, and expectations.
It is amazing that by creating seemingly small things in this state, miracles begin to happen. I painted a small piece of linen, and the phones rang. The old things that stopped one day suddenly began to come back to life again. The creation of this image has caused a great change on all levels of my life. This is how energy works, how we create from the passion of our soul, not from the ego mind.


Acrylic painting size 16”x20”

If you like it you can buy it! This painting is for sale 🙂 You can see more of my paintings on my Instagram account: http://instagram.com/oreandrus