There is nothing more than I Am. You are consciousness, and you are a god. It’s hard to consider yourself as a master then how do you say that You are a God? In mass consciousness, we are not worthy to compare ourselves to a god, or even look at him. We are not worthy to call ourselves as masters.
For many years I have considered this concept that I am a god, a god, similar to him. But to acknowledge oneself entirely as a god, not in mind, in theory, caused a great sense of guilt, scandal, fear, sinfulness, and unworthiness.
But the concept of god in mass consciousness is nothing more than giving responsibility for yourself to someone else. There is no greater authority of the being than you. You are the creator of everything that surrounds you. The god concept is just a power game. It is an illusion of power, which someone else is stronger than us, so we feel like little sinner sheep. The human god concept is a great illusion. Now, say it to the people on the street, in a country where 97% of people are Catholics! Hahahaha! “Shame! How can you say that? It is the worst blasphemy to call yourself the god. You will go to hell. To the worst.”
ARE YOU READY TO CLAIM YOURSELF TRULY AS A GOD? Let it go the illusion of human “power god” and take responsibility for yourself? There is nothing more than YOU. You are all.

And so it is…



The most significant value, throughout my life, was my freedom. I have been freeing my whole life from further restrictions and beliefs to become more free and independent. For most of my life, I followed my interests and preferences, without any compromises, no matter what people thought about it. I did most things against the expectations of my family, teachers at school, church teachings, and society. I gradually rejected everything. I did everything my way. As a real pirate.
One of the most challenging things that it was difficult to get out of, apart from school, religion, family, and divorce with my wife was the state, the law, the government control.
Paying taxes, going to the offices and getting police tickets for bad parking led me to a terrible feeling of being enslaved, doing something against me and punishing me for it, scaring me for going to prison, if I did not obey. A citizen of the country is treated as a slave who must be beaten, punished and controlled. And the state, officials and other services, want to control and money. They send official letters written with threats and precepts as to a small child who will be beaten soon.
For a long time, I was subconsciously afraid of this and avoided contact with offices and diligently fulfilled all my duties despite myself.
For years, unfortunately, I lived in a great conflict, and I felt enslaved. It seemed to me that I could have my views on life, I could eat whatever I want, work where I want, but from the law in the country I live there is no escape, and I am his slave. And I was.
At some point, I had enough of everything, all my duties, that when my company went bankrupt, I was happy that I did not have to deal with all this shit.
I stopped receiving mail and reading letters. I changed the phone number, and for over two years I have not looked at it yet, and I do not even remember what I was doing and what it was about.
I had an incredible disgust to do anything about it. I avoided dealing with these matters.
During this time, through numerous removals, I lost my company documents and stamps, I do not remember passwords to bank accounts, the domains, and servers on which I kept my company data expired. I do not have much, and I do not even remember.
For this reason, for a long time I felt like a victim, and I had a deep sense of guilt to do something about it, but on the other hand, I could not even lift my finger to take it, I had such a resistance.
I blamed the government, politicians, law, banks and myself for all this situation.
I asked myself “what’s going on?”. People work hard, pay taxes, to keep the government that punishes them, forces them and blackmail them. People maintain it, and people give it the energy to live. It’s nothing but pure masochism.
Then I realized that the country in which I live is nothing but a reflection of mass consciousness. Politicians who rule are a reflection of what people think.
There are no external forces, no conspiracy theories against me.
What I avoid is what I created. I am such a great creator that I created even a swamp from which I can not leave.
When I realized that I created it, and not that someone is doing something against me, I took full responsibility for myself, for my creations. I stopped being in resistance.
Taking full responsibility for all your creations is true freedom and sovereignty. The end of being a victim and blaming others for your bad destiny.
Being outside the game of being a victim, our environment changes, and we become invisible to those who continue to play it.
When we take total responsibility for ourselves, we disconnect from the system. We can no longer dump our responsibility on anyone. It’s easier for people to get caught up, but not take responsibility. Through this convenience, we have to pay taxes.

And so it is…


From boredom to divine passion and inspiration

My life has been cleansed of everything I’ve done before.
I do not have old friends, and I do not have old things to carry on. I do not need to fight for survival. I’m not a victim anymore. I’m not afraid of problems, and I’m not stressed. I do not have any daily duties, and I have plenty of free time. I have no motivation to get involved in any human affairs. I do not need to feel appreciation. I do not need to get the attention of other people. I do not have to like anyone, nor does anyone have to like me or love me. I do not have to save the world or help other people. There are no dramas of life. No power games. There is no motivation for life that other people have.
Many times I experienced this emptiness, boredom, and lack of motivation.
The boredom of everyday life and repetitive things. No interest in things that once enjoyed.
I always knew that there was something more. I was always sure about it.
“Okay, but what are you doing, man? You were on a walk, at the pool, on a massage, you slept many hours. What the hell do you do? What does your spirituality mean that you will grow old in the forest or die in a sauna?”
Yes. There was a long time of blaming myself for not doing anything significant to the world.
Spending many days alone with no duties and purpose leads the mind to madness.
For many days I also felt guilty, I had low self-esteem, I was incredibly bored. I avoided people because I did not have much to talk to them about. I was not particularly interested in everyday affairs and problems of average people. Life has become gray repetitive and boring.
So I asked myself: “I have no motivation to live, what is the purpose of my life. Why am I so bored”?
Then I realized that I was bored with human life in the physical and mental dimensions in mass-consciousness.
And my life in these dimensions has been meaningless, without achieving any goals, challenges, and demanding activities.
At that moment I felt my consciousness again. My mastery.
I began to feel the pleasant warmth of the surroundings, life again became friendly and took on colors.
Again I remembered what it meant to feel and be sensual really.
I realized how much my reality changed, the dimension, and the way I perceive this reality.
I realized how I change dimensions and realities.
In the lowest PHYSICAL dimension, we feel separation, duality, because we compare everything to our physical body. We see reality only as we can see it physically, touch it, take it in our hands, and see our eyes. Everything is solid and seems durable, has a lot of gravity. It is the most limited dimension. Everything is happening slowly.
In the next higher dimension, we can use THOUGHTS, imagine things that do not exist. We can create them with the help of thoughts and imagination. We are also influenced by the thoughts of others and the programming of mass consciousness. This is a great dimension until we are not its prisoners. In this dimension, we have goals, motivations, actions, logic, and problems to solve. Living in this dimension, our main motivation is survival, satisfying basic life needs (food, sex, sleep), competition, gaining an advantage over others… power games.
Because of the problems we have created, we suffer and try to fight them through addictions, diseases and blaming others. In this dimension, it seems to us that everything is against us or outside of us. We feel separated from everything we want. We are waiting for better times, luck, or someone will do something for us, or we pray for god. Your mind and emotions (physical reactions of your body to thoughts) can fake everything, your enlightenment, spirituality, god, love, and your „higher realms.”
In this reality, people talk about common things, problems, and logical solutions.
In the next dimension, we have FEELINGS. Using imagination, we start to FEEL. We don’t need to understand feelings. Feelings are just a feelings. How to describe love, a red color? We can feel everything. Being aware is feeling.
We can download everything that we can feel to physical reality very fast.
Since feelings are difficult to translate in mind, we do not have to use it to manifest something in physical reality. Feelings overwrite thoughts, emotions and logic mind. All we can do is ALLOWING.
ALLOWING without expectations, illusions and analyzing.
This is a significant simplification. There are further dimensions, but this is irrelevant. Because most people are trapped between 2 and 3.
Many times I was in consciousness and feeling a deep connection to everything, but an unexpected situation, past issue, trauma, and I was drawn back to jail in a mental dimension forgetting what consciousness is.
The mind knows what consciousness is, but what the mind calls consciousness is just an illusion of consciousness. The mind can deceive, imitate and pretend to be conscious! The mind can fake love and even happiness. And this is a prison.
Oh fuck, how many times have I been back there! I’m getting angry when I write about it. 😀
Feel your consciousness, breathe with your consciousness. Do not read about it. Feel your abundance, love. Do not read about it and try to change it or achieve it. Feel it. Breathe it. Allow it. And that’s all.
It’s so fucking easy that you do not want to believe. But the mastery is simple. Complexity is a distortion.
There is no human MOTIVATION for taking tasks, actions and achieving goals in consciousness.
You have INSPIRATION, passion. When you are inspired, your life begins to flow.
You are in a constant flow. There is no planning, worrying and wondering what to do next.
You shine with your light, awareness, and it attracts everything you need at a given moment, bypassing the mind.
In this state, your human problems, limited goals, low needs are replaced with your real life PURPOSE, your DIVINE WILL, SOUL PASSION.
If you feel boredom, it means you are shifting to higher realms.
And so it is…


In recent days, nothing exciting happens in my life.
I do not have any activities, problems. I do not have to deal with anyone. I have so much money that I do not have to work. I could do anything I want, and I do not do anything. I go to the forest every day and sleep the rest of the day. I do not even want to do my favorite things. I could travel year round and explore. I could write and paint. I could meet with friends. And I do not do anything. Nothing special.
I’m not depressed, nor am I sad. I’m just bored with human life.
I see myself, and many people fill their time with many obligations, problems, children, family, work only to not be with themselves.
I used to be busy with many things, business, meetings, and my great interests. And now nothing.
Great emptiness, space, not filled. I feel awkward about this.
I know everything about enlightenment, spirituality, I do not want to read any more books, I have no authority, nor feel that someone can teach me anything else I do not know. I wonder at all if I have met a man in life where I would feel less knowledgeable.
On the one hand, I feel my mastery, my knowingness, on the other hand, human nature holds me back from real life.
Now I feel that I am at the moment where I am alone with myself, there is nothing in my life that could separate me from me. I am alone on stage with myself, all other actors have stepped off the stage. There is no longer show. I’m the only one.
This is sacred time only for me. Even the most beloved person cannot help me. This time is for me only.
I know I do not need anyone or anything for my happiness. Only I can give myself happiness, love, and abundance. I’m only on my own, and there are no external forces that could block it. Everything depends only on me. I can not blame anyone or anything in my life. All I have created and all I experience.
Everything I did in all my lifetimes does not matter much. No matter if I was a good man or a bad person. No matter if I helped people or murdered them. It really does not matter. These are just stories. There is no one, nothing to blame. I do not feel guilty or proud, happy or sad.
I am that I am. I accept all that I am. I love myself.
I love myself without judging. I love myself, my human-self unconditionally.

And so it is…



Trips with Shaumbra are adventurous as possible and are remembered for a long time in intense colors. And this trip was unique, it was a meeting of masters – Master’s in Munich – with three hundred Shaumbra from around the world, with tremendously high energy around, with live Yoham music and Soy musicians, with the first performance in the history of Shaumbra Theater, with Linda, Geoffrey, Adamus, and Kuthumi, with Shoud, live in the Transhuman series.

And the most important were the meetings – those with the Masters and those with themselves.

When we reached the place by tram with Hubert, a middle-aged man was sitting next to us. He was dressed quite simply, a yellow t-shirt, black shorts in headgear. On that casket, we noticed at some point a pirate pin – a skull with crossed bones – and then I felt that it was just beginning.

Later everything went very smoothly, the first we met nice ladies from the United States and Germany. They greeted us warmly in a common way to the place where the Shoud was. The most beautiful of these early meetings was the unlikely openness of each other. We hugged each other and looked at the clarity of our eyes. There was some magic of engagement, maybe identifying with the group and great happiness that accompanied us to the end of the event.

Before the start of the event, I got to know Geoffrey. Hubert came down with him from the stairs, so I dared to come up. As if something pushed me to him. I greeted him, handed him a hand, and he hugged me all over and looked me in the eyes. I will never forget these eyes, clear, gray and full of peace and beauty, and this flowing energy from this meeting, soft and nice, as if I was immersed in a warm cloud. I felt our souls recognized.

The hall was like a theater scene, the rows of chairs were collapsed from the stage, and the red curtain lit by violet headlights, the green trees in the large pots, and, of course, two ornamental chairs. Linda and Geoffrey started with a beautiful welcome, and it turned out that Shaumbra had come to this event from twenty-five countries, eighty percent of the audience had made a certified SES course, and the audience’s energy was dangling in the air like a Fata Morgana. Adamus started with an energetic strike. He returned to Atlantis and congratulated us that we are here again in the Master’s consciousness. He was moved by the fact that something that was a dream of the wise men of Atlantis was really present on our Earth. He grounded our I am. He raised our consciousness.

After this incredible merabh it was hard to talk about. So deep down I reached the essence of myself that it seemed impossible to talk to other people. I felt beneath my feet, my consciousness expanded, and my senses gave me the feeling that I had live stones in my hands, a live rock that was moving, which had no end. The coffee from Hubert brought me back to Earth, and it was after the break. I thought that, like these next three meetings would be the same, I do not know whether my body will survive.

The next meeting was much milder. Lina and Geoff introduced new courses, and trips that are still available and they greatly relaxed the atmosphere. Each Shaumbra had the opportunity to bow to their country when Linda was reading the guests. For some unknown reason I stood up with the French greeting, thankfully Hubert made me realize that Poland had not read yet, so later I bowed to him beautifully in polish too. I could later explain to strangers that I am a citizen of the whole world and that borders are not terrible for me.

The next two shows were beautiful live Yoham music, which could be purchased later in the hall before the entrance, which of course I did. Adamus talked to us about himself, and Kuthumi explained how his senses looked when he was illuminated. Just before my arrival, I announced that I was going to dance with Adamus, and when Kuthumi came to channel Geoffrey, I knew that dancing would be inevitable. At one point when Yoham was playing a beautiful, sensual music, I saw two women who broke into a dance. At the same time, I smiled at my lovely newly discovered neighbor on the left and grabbed her hand, and we flew to the stage. This time I think we were surprised by Linda, who did not know what to do with our dancing. Yoham started to play faster and faster, and at one point everyone in the Hall was one big dance and joy. But it was spontaneous and beautiful.

Tired of dancing, we left the building, but we did not want to go far away because this was the first time Shaumbra Theater had ever been held here. In this short break we were able to meet and feel the energy of a large part of the youngest Shaumbra with whom we sat on the grass. Our unconcerned enthusiasm and joy a bit disturbed the seniors, who occasionally complained in German for too big excitement.

Theatrical performance was a miracle, laughter, great figures and people with a passion for theater. I did not think before that spectacle that all Shaumbra were so similar. Everyone wants love, everyone is a master on earthly transitions and has his family of angels who are constantly trying to help us – a stray pirate. A great initiative, which was rewarded with loud applause. I hope there will still be a chance to see the continuation of “To be or not to be human”.

As for the second day, it was pure sensuality. Adamus step by step showed us how to open senses. Four very talented guitarists entered the stage with Passion, and they felt more and more and more and more boldly, still differently. It was a real gift for me – guitar lovers and singers. ACH …

Finally, the audience lit up in the dance, which Linda might have expected after the previous day. Later at the end of the whole event and after all the thanks, our quiet queen came out to the audience to talk to the royal family – that is us.

I walked up to Linda with a momentum – how not now when! I greeted and said that this was my first time with them live. Linda was very nice, so I asked her about Poland when they came to us. She seemed convinced that they were planning a meeting in our homeland, and when I said seriously and straight to Linda’s beautiful eyes – “We’re waiting for you” – returning the seriousness, she promised to remember at the earliest opportunity when planning future expeditions. She thanked me for coming, and I thanked her for everything. Later we said goodbye to the rest of the newcomers, we exchanged facebook contacts and left a strong resolve to return.

As soon as possible.