Life of the average human is based on searching for problems and then solving them through hardship.
As a human, we are used to it. Such action is firmly rooted in mass consciousness.
This is the main motivation of human life, have no problems, pains and be happy.
Many people may think that their lives are great because they have a lot of passions and interests.
But to be true… human problems come down to health, money, relationships, and self-esteem. That’s it. For many lifetimes. It could be a fun and nice experience to live in this limited reality, but it’s time to expand beyond this. Human will never solve his problems because if he solves them it will appear again in another form. This is the nature of the human mind and how it works. Solving problems, achieving goals and desires is a food for the mind.
But now we are freeing ourselves from our minds, and mass consciousness.

At the beginning, as it began in my life, I lost all my human passions and interests. For several years, I tried to go for something new that would bring me joy. But the old methods did not work. Simply, my passion for life has expired. For some time I was wondering if I want to live at all and it makes sense to stay here being surrounded by people who live matters that no longer concern me and which do NOT INTEREST ME AT ALL. I was ready to die.

Now I watch the news, listen to old friends and family… everything is fun for me, I watch it all like a cartoon, a comic show in which I no longer participate. I used to take everything seriously and let myself be drawn in and live with this performance. I used to take it all seriously and I was afraid that I could go wrong in this performance, and the worst thing is that something could happen to me for real.

I played a lot of the role of being a victim, abuser, living in lack, struggling with illnesses and many unsuccessful romances, and of course many more pleasant roles.
But now it’s over. How many times can we play the same? I’m bored with the show.

We can of course stay and play human games in infinity or just say no more and get out of the show!
Yes, we can leave the show! All of this was a human performance, just an experience. But that’s not all that we really are.
We do not have to finish our stories, nor wait for the moment when we solve all of our problems, it is impossible. The only thing we can do is to accept it. Everything that is not entirely our way and fulfills human desires.

As uncle Adamus said at this moment sadness and nostalgia may appear. Why do we just find out about it now and why did it last so long? Sadness that our old human life goes away, which we loved so much and we will not return to it. This is a sweet sadness. A memory of human experiences. A sense of loneliness that we do not belong to the world of mass consciousness that has been so close to us, and now we simply stand beside it all.

At this point, all of our human experiences distill into the sweet nectar of the soul, and we are ready to go for more of ourselves.



When I start writing or painting I never know what my new work will be. It is always a deep moment of calm and then opening up to what is coming. Sometimes this is the first word, the first brush stroke and for a moment the confusion of the mind that knows nothing what is happening. Then I take a deep breath and open it even more, until my mind goes away for good. I used to learn arts at school. It was a drama for me.
I kept asking myself how to learn art from others? I do not want to paint like others. I want to paint and create the way I want. I quit painting for a few years. I did not go to art school. I’ve closed the creation of art. After almost ten years, I started painting again. I gave up everything I learned in schools. I started painting abstraction paintings completely in my own hands. Inspiration came from me and not from others. I do not create from the mind. Everything I create flows directly from within me. It was a massive breakthrough in my life, to realize that everything flows from me. I’m not looking for things outside anymore. I’m not interested in what colors people like, whether they like it or not. What is now created is completely mine without any restrictions and expectations. I create being in the flow of my consciousness, what arises far goes beyond the mind and the perception of the mind. Sensitive people feel it, and there is no need to explain anything more. Closed people will be looking for techniques, colors that have been used and comparing my creations to other artists. But this is mine and only mine. It is a great feeling to begin to create in a great unknown for the mind and to finish the work in the full understanding of what it is and the deep knowingness that the work is finished. Neither more lines nor less.
This picture is an expression of pure passion of creation without limits, restrictions, and expectations.
It is amazing that by creating seemingly small things in this state, miracles begin to happen. I painted a small piece of linen, and the phones rang. The old things that stopped one day suddenly began to come back to life again. The creation of this image has caused a great change on all levels of my life. This is how energy works, how we create from the passion of our soul, not from the ego mind.


Acrylic painting size 16”x20”

If you like it you can buy it! This painting is for sale 🙂 You can see more of my paintings on my Instagram account:



Finding Yourself

I was searching and trying to find myself very hard. I felt very deep inside me that I am much more than what I see. I tried to find love outside me, and I tried to find abundance outside me. Everything that I wanted in my life was outside of me. I was trying to find the way out from limited human reality. I set goals, procedures, techniques, meditations, and I read all the possible books. I was great in theory, but it just kept me away from me even more. I was frustrated, after a while from the rest I tried to find myself again, and again.
I was frustrated and still searching for myself, for real fulfillment. I was continually looking for the missing puzzles that never fit together and were still missing something. When I was exhausted and gave up all attempts, I just had no more strength for it, and then everything suddenly started happening better than I expected. When I saw it, I tried to get involved again and improve the result by working on it. Then everything was fucked up again. I repeated this pattern thousands of times, for many years. I never had what I wanted, and I was always separated from what I wanted.

After many years, I realized that I was playing a mind game that is impossible to win, and it never ends. This game never gives a sense of fulfillment and real satisfaction.
I tried to get to know myself, my divinity through the prism of my mind. The mind has an insufficient spectrum of reality perception. Everything is simplified. The mind created goals, objects of desire placed far in the future that never happens.
All life always happens in the now moment only. There are no exceptions.
The question is, are we blind to the majesty of real life that is happening now or do we dream the illusions of a better life that will occur somewhere in the future?

We say YES, of course, we want to live now…

But at this moment we realize that there is nothing beautiful here at the moment, it is definitely not what we would like to experience. There is no money, no love, no enlightenment, no body what we would want. We see a simple gray everyday life that is merely boring, or full of problems and desires.
It is impossible that this boredom is unique and beautiful.
And then again, we start to repeat our search. We do not feel right where we are. Still, we expect something better. We begin to dream, hope and plan. We are drowning again in the illusion of a better future that never happens.
We are again in conflict with the life that is happening now and our expectations of what it should be.
The end of this painful mind game is to accept everything as it is, no matter how seeming it looks. Is it beautiful or ugly, pleasant or unpleasant… it is labels…. it is just as it is.

One of the most profound words: “All is well in all of creation.” express the end of searching, judging, struggling, and achieving illusionary objects from the mind.

And so it is!



There is nothing more than I Am. You are consciousness, and you are a god. It’s hard to consider yourself as a master then how do you say that You are a God? In mass consciousness, we are not worthy to compare ourselves to a god, or even look at him. We are not worthy to call ourselves as masters.
For many years I have considered this concept that I am a god, a god, similar to him. But to acknowledge oneself entirely as a god, not in mind, in theory, caused a great sense of guilt, scandal, fear, sinfulness, and unworthiness.
But the concept of god in mass consciousness is nothing more than giving responsibility for yourself to someone else. There is no greater authority of the being than you. You are the creator of everything that surrounds you. The god concept is just a power game. It is an illusion of power, which someone else is stronger than us, so we feel like little sinner sheep. The human god concept is a great illusion. Now, say it to the people on the street, in a country where 97% of people are Catholics! Hahahaha! “Shame! How can you say that? It is the worst blasphemy to call yourself the god. You will go to hell. To the worst.”
ARE YOU READY TO CLAIM YOURSELF TRULY AS A GOD? Let it go the illusion of human “power god” and take responsibility for yourself? There is nothing more than YOU. You are all.

And so it is…



The most significant value, throughout my life, was my freedom. I have been freeing my whole life from further restrictions and beliefs to become more free and independent. For most of my life, I followed my interests and preferences, without any compromises, no matter what people thought about it. I did most things against the expectations of my family, teachers at school, church teachings, and society. I gradually rejected everything. I did everything my way. As a real pirate.
One of the most challenging things that it was difficult to get out of, apart from school, religion, family, and divorce with my wife was the state, the law, the government control.
Paying taxes, going to the offices and getting police tickets for bad parking led me to a terrible feeling of being enslaved, doing something against me and punishing me for it, scaring me for going to prison, if I did not obey. A citizen of the country is treated as a slave who must be beaten, punished and controlled. And the state, officials and other services, want to control and money. They send official letters written with threats and precepts as to a small child who will be beaten soon.
For a long time, I was subconsciously afraid of this and avoided contact with offices and diligently fulfilled all my duties despite myself.
For years, unfortunately, I lived in a great conflict, and I felt enslaved. It seemed to me that I could have my views on life, I could eat whatever I want, work where I want, but from the law in the country I live there is no escape, and I am his slave. And I was.
At some point, I had enough of everything, all my duties, that when my company went bankrupt, I was happy that I did not have to deal with all this shit.
I stopped receiving mail and reading letters. I changed the phone number, and for over two years I have not looked at it yet, and I do not even remember what I was doing and what it was about.
I had an incredible disgust to do anything about it. I avoided dealing with these matters.
During this time, through numerous removals, I lost my company documents and stamps, I do not remember passwords to bank accounts, the domains, and servers on which I kept my company data expired. I do not have much, and I do not even remember.
For this reason, for a long time I felt like a victim, and I had a deep sense of guilt to do something about it, but on the other hand, I could not even lift my finger to take it, I had such a resistance.
I blamed the government, politicians, law, banks and myself for all this situation.
I asked myself “what’s going on?”. People work hard, pay taxes, to keep the government that punishes them, forces them and blackmail them. People maintain it, and people give it the energy to live. It’s nothing but pure masochism.
Then I realized that the country in which I live is nothing but a reflection of mass consciousness. Politicians who rule are a reflection of what people think.
There are no external forces, no conspiracy theories against me.
What I avoid is what I created. I am such a great creator that I created even a swamp from which I can not leave.
When I realized that I created it, and not that someone is doing something against me, I took full responsibility for myself, for my creations. I stopped being in resistance.
Taking full responsibility for all your creations is true freedom and sovereignty. The end of being a victim and blaming others for your bad destiny.
Being outside the game of being a victim, our environment changes, and we become invisible to those who continue to play it.
When we take total responsibility for ourselves, we disconnect from the system. We can no longer dump our responsibility on anyone. It’s easier for people to get caught up, but not take responsibility. Through this convenience, we have to pay taxes.

And so it is…