DEATH. The end of all stories.

For a few days, I felt like I was already dead.
I stopped feeling love for anyone and anything.
I was annoyed by dogs and people and chirping birds.
I was a little panicked and scared that I do not feel anything.
It was like anesthesia to look deeper within.
Everything seemed to me not real. All that I experienced in my life, essential things appeared as a dream that disappears. All my suffering life stories passed through me like one big dream.
Sometimes it was scary, and sometimes it looked comical and I cried with laughter.
At first, I was sad that it was leaving me. And then I felt relieved that it was not so serious as it looks.
I felt my master’s wings that lift me over everything I experienced.
I felt the relief and the wisdom, the essence that was in every story. Great calm. The end of all stories.
Embodied death.


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