Ecstasy – Here and Now

The mastery is not sacred, it continually gets into new situations, it is continuously reflected from human nature, and it returns with consciousness to its place. And more naturally, being a Master, we are also a human being. It is time to move away from the illusion of a Master who is never wrong, and his world is impeccably organized into an ordered whole.

Master does not need to arrange or order anything. He does not need to be overly sweet, just as many people think.
Master draws wisdom from everything and does not categorize the world for better and worse.
The master knows that everything is well in all of creation because he realizes that he is the creator.

Many times I exchanged energy with others, incomprehension, even sometimes I entered into a moment of anger, and I do not consider it as something “bad”, but only for something that was supposed to appear, for me or someone else. To show us something, teach something, ground something. The human in me still has the ego and the mind and probably never get rid of this. Unconditional love to myself, gives me love for all my creations in everyday life and understand them more. Often it gives me a lot of funny situations. Everything matters to me if it is manifested in my life. And I know very deeply that it’s all GOOD for me.

At the same time, I am still living in a state of ignorance. I do not care about the world. I do not distinguish between politicians. I do not know what the weather will be tomorrow. In general, I do not care about it, because my life is HERE and NOW. The great delusion of the world is a life in a continuous past and future. Banal, but how much misunderstood by the world.

When the past touches us, we feel our wounds of the past, our worries, they rule our mind. We can not enter of pure NOW. Our head is still busy with something from the past. Looking to the future, most often with fear, we are afraid of what may come, what will happen to us, how others will react to our actions – it paralyzes us in NOW. It works like a constant tug of war – it does not give you truly free.

Maybe you ask – how to do it? How to live in now? The answer is simple – stop controlling, start allowing everything. But of everything! NOT ONLY FOR WHAT COMFORTABLE FOR YOU. At the beginning, it can be difficult, because the mind does not want to get rid of control for anything in the world. He feeds himself from control and power. How do you stop controlling your love or your employees, your organized day? The world will fall apart!

However, in small steps, when we allow less and less control, we become less drawn into the mind games until we become truly confident and confident in our creations and more and more free. It’s starting to lead us something much more significant – consciousness. And most importantly, we are beginning to live in HERE and NOW more and more. And it is not fake. It is something authentic. This is exactly what the Masters do in their lives every day – they ALLOW. Even if (seemingly) something disturbing happens in our lives, the Master knows well that it happens for some reason, and later when we notice the whole, the hardship of this situation disappears as if it never existed. And you can laugh at it, as loud as you can.

Such a life is extremely pleasant. It is like devotion to ecstasy, abandoning everything in the name of freedom and pleasure. Boundless immersion. Total acceptance of the experience. Release. Ecstasy. Nothing interests you, you are in this beautiful state and everything is going smoothly, without your intervention, without control. A very similar feeling arises when two lovers are completely open to each other, and every touch releases all the brakes. Losing yourself in the moment for the sake of pleasure. The same energy is created in the real being in HERE and NOW. You feel it, you lose yourself in being and in life. Everything becomes easy because you do not have to think about anything. Somewhere under your skin, you know that the world serves you, and you can be detached from the human world, you can fly.

Free Yourself from Control. Free yourself from the delusion of what your quest for developing consciousness should look like. It will look exactly as it should look, not better and not worse. So why fight it? You can only allow. To give in to it with lightness. Be in a state of divine grace. Continue in ecstasy.

And so it is.

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