From boredom to divine passion and inspiration

My life has been cleansed of everything I’ve done before.
I do not have old friends, and I do not have old things to carry on. I do not need to fight for survival. I’m not a victim anymore. I’m not afraid of problems, and I’m not stressed. I do not have any daily duties, and I have plenty of free time. I have no motivation to get involved in any human affairs. I do not need to feel appreciation. I do not need to get the attention of other people. I do not have to like anyone, nor does anyone have to like me or love me. I do not have to save the world or help other people. There are no dramas of life. No power games. There is no motivation for life that other people have.
Many times I experienced this emptiness, boredom, and lack of motivation.
The boredom of everyday life and repetitive things. No interest in things that once enjoyed.
I always knew that there was something more. I was always sure about it.
“Okay, but what are you doing, man? You were on a walk, at the pool, on a massage, you slept many hours. What the hell do you do? What does your spirituality mean that you will grow old in the forest or die in a sauna?”
Yes. There was a long time of blaming myself for not doing anything significant to the world.
Spending many days alone with no duties and purpose leads the mind to madness.
For many days I also felt guilty, I had low self-esteem, I was incredibly bored. I avoided people because I did not have much to talk to them about. I was not particularly interested in everyday affairs and problems of average people. Life has become gray repetitive and boring.
So I asked myself: “I have no motivation to live, what is the purpose of my life. Why am I so bored”?
Then I realized that I was bored with human life in the physical and mental dimensions in mass-consciousness.
And my life in these dimensions has been meaningless, without achieving any goals, challenges, and demanding activities.
At that moment I felt my consciousness again. My mastery.
I began to feel the pleasant warmth of the surroundings, life again became friendly and took on colors.
Again I remembered what it meant to feel and be sensual really.
I realized how much my reality changed, the dimension, and the way I perceive this reality.
I realized how I change dimensions and realities.
In the lowest PHYSICAL dimension, we feel separation, duality, because we compare everything to our physical body. We see reality only as we can see it physically, touch it, take it in our hands, and see our eyes. Everything is solid and seems durable, has a lot of gravity. It is the most limited dimension. Everything is happening slowly.
In the next higher dimension, we can use THOUGHTS, imagine things that do not exist. We can create them with the help of thoughts and imagination. We are also influenced by the thoughts of others and the programming of mass consciousness. This is a great dimension until we are not its prisoners. In this dimension, we have goals, motivations, actions, logic, and problems to solve. Living in this dimension, our main motivation is survival, satisfying basic life needs (food, sex, sleep), competition, gaining an advantage over others… power games.
Because of the problems we have created, we suffer and try to fight them through addictions, diseases and blaming others. In this dimension, it seems to us that everything is against us or outside of us. We feel separated from everything we want. We are waiting for better times, luck, or someone will do something for us, or we pray for god. Your mind and emotions (physical reactions of your body to thoughts) can fake everything, your enlightenment, spirituality, god, love, and your „higher realms.”
In this reality, people talk about common things, problems, and logical solutions.
In the next dimension, we have FEELINGS. Using imagination, we start to FEEL. We don’t need to understand feelings. Feelings are just a feelings. How to describe love, a red color? We can feel everything. Being aware is feeling.
We can download everything that we can feel to physical reality very fast.
Since feelings are difficult to translate in mind, we do not have to use it to manifest something in physical reality. Feelings overwrite thoughts, emotions and logic mind. All we can do is ALLOWING.
ALLOWING without expectations, illusions and analyzing.
This is a significant simplification. There are further dimensions, but this is irrelevant. Because most people are trapped between 2 and 3.
Many times I was in consciousness and feeling a deep connection to everything, but an unexpected situation, past issue, trauma, and I was drawn back to jail in a mental dimension forgetting what consciousness is.
The mind knows what consciousness is, but what the mind calls consciousness is just an illusion of consciousness. The mind can deceive, imitate and pretend to be conscious! The mind can fake love and even happiness. And this is a prison.
Oh fuck, how many times have I been back there! I’m getting angry when I write about it. 😀
Feel your consciousness, breathe with your consciousness. Do not read about it. Feel your abundance, love. Do not read about it and try to change it or achieve it. Feel it. Breathe it. Allow it. And that’s all.
It’s so fucking easy that you do not want to believe. But the mastery is simple. Complexity is a distortion.
There is no human MOTIVATION for taking tasks, actions and achieving goals in consciousness.
You have INSPIRATION, passion. When you are inspired, your life begins to flow.
You are in a constant flow. There is no planning, worrying and wondering what to do next.
You shine with your light, awareness, and it attracts everything you need at a given moment, bypassing the mind.
In this state, your human problems, limited goals, low needs are replaced with your real life PURPOSE, your DIVINE WILL, SOUL PASSION.
If you feel boredom, it means you are shifting to higher realms.
And so it is…

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