Recent events in my life caused a total change in the reception of reality. I realized that I am totally sovereign.
Absolutely self-sufficient.

And then I relized I do not need to eat, and I stopped feeling hungry.
At first, I was uncertain; I eat little because I have to. So generally accepted. One day, however, I did not want to do any longer what I accepted. I stopped eating. I did not eat anything, and still, I was getting energy. I realized that energy does not need to be supplied with food. Another illusion has been removed from my life. I did not eat anything for six days. I missed the biting. I went to the best restaurant for lunch. I was very sensitive to the taste and the shapes I chewed. Each vegetable was a different consistency, different shape, each spoon of soup brought an extraordinary experience. Then bite and crunch.

All this was full of awareness.
I had lunch for 1,5 h. It was great, and I felt the heat spilling over my whole body. I felt a deep ground. When I ate today three spaghetti forks, it was like an adventure. Noodles curled in my mouth, deep tomato taste, round crispy olive. I understood why the Italian is cooked al dente pasta. Softness outside, crisp in the middle. Unusual, I have never seen that before. The pleasure of eating when you are not hungry is indescribable. It seems that nothing has changed, maybe only that I eat very little. But when I eat it, I feel Ahmyo. The state of divine grace. Splendor.


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