You have all the knowledge, skills and tools.
There is nothing to learn, read or study.
You are everything, you have everything.
You are complete.
What are you holding back? What keeps you in your resistance?
Why are not you enlightened yet?
You can make a final decision at any time, but you do not do it. Why?
What are you waiting for?
Why are you waiting?
Are you waiting for a solution to the old issues and problems? Have you taken responsibility for things that are not yours?
Are you waiting for a better time until the problems resolve themselves? Because you are the master of new energy? And you just wait and do nothing… ?
What really stops you?

Do not wait for others until they are enlightened. Do not try to take old things with you that no longer fit you.
This is all fucking old!!! You do not need it. Stop worrying about others and taking care of them. It is not yours.
Stop worrying about the unsettled things and the old problems that you took on yourself. It is not yours.
Most things in your life are not yours. Most of your fears and struggles are not yours.
Most of your health problems and diseases are not yours.
You think they are yours, but it’s not yours. LET IT GO.
Let go of everything.
If you let everything go, you will not go away.
It’s like death. This is like a very slow dying.
But you can die quickly. You have enough torment and slow dying.
This is obviously not physical death. You can be calm.
But the death of all your old stories, your ego, past lifetimes and constant concern for your problems that are NOT REALLY YOURS.
There is nothing to delay this for later. You’ve been waiting TOO LONG,
and you are already really tired of it!
It is like death and it seems terrible and painful, but it is very easy to die.
You just take a deep breath and LET IT GO.
Do not be afraid to die. Trust yourself and LET IT GO.


Let ALL this GO AWAY and feel deeply HOW YOU ARE LIGHT.


And there is only your pure, crystal essence. All that YOU really ARE. Knowingness, wisdom.
No more questions, doubts. Just your pure existence…

And there is nothing more TO DO…
Because You ARE. You EXIST and that’s it.


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