LIVE YOUR DREAMS. Dreams are true.

I let go of everything that is not mine. I let myself to die. I felt the real death of all of my past stories and future stories based on expectations, fear, and anxiety.
I let go all of my false dreams based on ego, illusions, and mass-consciousness.
And I asked myself “What is next?”, „What is mine?”, „What are my real dreams?”.
I felt my purity, my essence, my mastery and I realized that how a long time I forgot how to dream.
How to have big dreams, and live these dreams.
Life as we know it has been the undream, the no dream. And now the dream may begin, the energies radiate out to start filling that dream.
No more waiting for a better time. The time is now. No more holding back and waiting. The time is now.
The time to live your true dreams. There are no limits for consciousness, and there is an unlimited amount of energy.
The only thing to do is to make a real decision from your heart. Not from a mind.
When your knowingness, human dream, and your soul come together, the grand energies are starting to serve you most beautifully and perfectly. These energies are attracted by you, the love of yourself. The dreams must be clear and big, no human limitations, fears, and anxiety. We know our dreams very well, but it was hidden for a long time.
It’s time to live your dreams now. Dreams are true, and you were waiting for it very long time to live these dreams. What are you waiting for? Let it come to you.


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