I had a dream where I met an older woman who was doing a lecture on life on the moon. I was very interested and wanted to visit the moon. And she invited me to fly to the moon. I willingly agreed. I was very excited about the new expedition.
As soon as I made the decision, I was already on the moon. It seemed to me that the moon was white and nothing was interesting behind the white sand. The place I was in was not unusual, but the other parts of the moon were beautiful. There were beautiful mountains, lakes, and forests. Great nature and animals. I was only surprised that there were no birds singing. People normally lived like on Earth. Nothing special.
I asked the woman who brought me here, why people on earth do not know about life on the moon?
She replied that she did not know why because everything was clear and no one hid it. There is no conspiracy. Just what they want to see is what they see, what they do not want they do not see it. But everything is open to all.
I asked if they had always lived here. She replied that it was not that people made it all up. What I see the whole nature was created by people on the moon. Everything is surrounded by a huge dome, where life is full of life, forests, animals, and people live. Everything was amazingly beautiful. I realized that just as humans made the Earth, it did not come out of anywhere. They just created it. And it was the same with the Moon.
I also realized how deep a dream people sleep, who live on earth and do not know about life on the moon.
People on earth have forgotten many things and see only a small part of the surrounding reality.


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