Your human life does not matter (I’m so sorry…)

Everything we do in our life, all our efforts and care for a good life are not very important in what we really are here for. Everything serves our awakening, but how it manifests itself in our lives, what kind of work we have, who we help, in what house we live, whether we are fat or thin, whether we are intelligent or not necessarily. It does not matter. Energy adapts to us, no matter in which direction we follow, what decision we will make. Everything adjusts to us, energy leads us to know ourselves, to awaken. We can not do it wrong. We’ve done it already a long time ago. What is happening now is experiencing it again.
Many of us are trying to live life with dignity. We try to improve our human lives, health and abundance.
Then it seems to us that we will be happy. But it usually does not work. It may look superficially good, but it is not true happiness just patching holes.
If your job is to lose weight and stick to a good diet, or find a good job, a beloved partner or that fucking enlightenment, it’s human motivation! Your life is managed by the ego. This is not real life. This is mostly survival.

So what the hell are we supposed to do?

The funniest thing about all this is that all our hardships and endeavors did not matter. All your diplomas, your IQ, certificates, academic titles, professional achievements. Everything that was important to a human being is of little importance. If you have not done anything all your life and you have no achievements, that’s great, you have not lost anything! This is great news for all losers!
I’m so pissed that they told me to learn at school!

You did not have to meditate or do spiritual efforts. You did not have to cleanse your body and practice difficult yoga figures. You did not have to eat organic food. You could eat meat, gluten, sweeten tea, smoke cigarettes and eat cookies with preservatives. You did not have to help everyone and be nice to others.
THIS was just a distraction. Big fat story.

So what the hell are we supposed to do?



Just take a deep breath and allow to be your essence, to be YOU.
Radiate this essence, stay in your pure existence.

And do no-thing.

I’m not joking.

I am very serious Master.



Once, when something wonderful came to me, I was delighted, I was happy and what came, I tried to secure and hide it. I had expectations for this and I was throwing myself at it with all my thoughts. How it will be?
How to improve it, how to reproduce this wonderful creation? What to do to always be that way?
Later, there was fear of loss, failure, lack of self-confidence and many other human problems.
Then the whole creation stopped. And I tried even harder to fix it. But the more I tried it, everything was fucked up.
The moment when I really had enough of all, I gave up. I set it aside for a while. Then everything began to come back to life and surprise me.
Again everything was great and I kept repeating my creation scheme. And everything was fucked up again. Thousands of times!
So after years of struggle, I got to the truth that I would like to share with you now.
A wonderful creation has come to you. You’re happy, you invite it. It’s wonderful. You look at how it blooms. You allow it to bloom even more. You do not wonder in which direction other flowers, potentials have blossomed. You just let it blossom forever without limitations. Potentials generate potentials. Potential of potentials generate new potentials. And so for ever. You admire the garden of your creations, which are free and unlimited by human understanding of reality. This is a real creation, full of joy and fulfillment!

And so it is!


There are many truths

I have always been too stubborn, too proud, too obstinate. Everything, of course, was the way I chose, but on this way to know my fears, I hurt many people with my perfection of one truth. I was like the best detective who wanted to prove to everyone that there is only one truth and that’s what I represent. I had a keen mind and perfect intuition. I could use arguments and sometimes trickery to chase the victim into a corner and prove to her how wrong she is. Often, to the limits of decency, by force, I opened people to the things they did not want to see. And then they burst, they fell apart in their ruins of lies, and I triumphed in the depths of the greatest winner. It was like that. This has been going on for many years, because it seemed to me then that there is only one TRUTH on each topic and it should be followed.

There were many dictators before me, they acted the same way. They had to, like me, prove their highest truth, regardless of the consequences. They could ruin their families, friends, kill whole nations in following their only truth. They could ruin themselves, but they did not let them go, because their mind told them they were RIGHT.

I have already noticed that this was an illusion, and the most releasing truth is precisely that it exists many truths.

However, now that I have started to see other dimensions, it has become so simple and clear.

Imagine two sisters, one is open to feeling and one is closed. They live in one house, have common parents, friends, stay in the same energy. One sees ghosts and talks to them, for the other sister they do not exist. One will give a hand to cut off that there are ghosts, the other will go in, that the sister is crazy, because there are no ghosts. We come to the wall, for the mind someone should decide which sister is telling the truth and who is cheating. However, both sisters have their truth, the most true one possible, because it is true for them. They create their lives the way they want, and indeed for one sister, the world is full of the creation of souls that are no more, for the other these souls do not exist. Each of them has its own truth on this subject and the truth of each is equally true. There is no conflict here. Both tell the truth about their world, none is better or worse. They simply live on other dimensions of the world.

When we begin to open up to the truth, to ourselves, to freedom and love, when we choose to awaken our consciousness, everything changes for us. We are beginning to enter other dimensions of the world. It ceases to be a game of the mind, we break away from following the collective consciousness, we start to reflect everything from each other. Then the world changes, we see another dimension. Suddenly everything becomes more vivid, we see the inner beauty of every being, everything exudes energy. We see the same things in a completely different way than people who endure in a collective consciousness. We are opening further and further, everything is more and deeper, we see beauty and love in everything, even in ugliness, in harm, in betrayal. We change and the world changes with us, but for others, this world is the same as at the beginning of our path. When we enter the next dimension of feeling the world, some of our friends do not see what we do. Then you have to bow with dignity to all who choose otherwise, honor them for the fact that they are going their own way and we must go further, without them.

Spirituality has many dimensions, thousands. Each of them opens a new perception for the next and the next part of our lives. Going further, we already know that not everyone is like us, others have their own truths that are as true to them as our truths. Everyone chooses their own way, because everyone is free. And every conscious free person respects the freedom of another human being.

We come to the point where we can see that there are many truths. Some people may not eat for two years and feel great, others die of hunger on the other side of the world. Some see ghosts, aliens, talk to angels, others see their religion, believe in it and it is just as true for them and this religion can do miracles just as well. There are people who travel between dimensions, see unicorns, dragons, for others it happens only in fantasy books. Our creation is limitless, our dimensions are us, we can connect with consciousness with others in the physical dimension, but our limitations from one dimension, at some point, cease to exist for us. We can then jump between dimensions and choose what is best for us and have our own truth in self-discovery.

You can try to explain your truth to the world, but if someone does not open it, he will never see it. You can see dragons, but if someone does not reach this dimension, they will not see anything. Of course, there are tricks, drugs, herbs. The shamans used them for millions of years to enter a different dimension of perception, but after some time, these doors to dimensions disappear with the disappearance of the drug. We can still experience ayahuasca and enter a different dimension for a moment. Only in high consciousness, the door is always open and every dimension passes through the Master, if he so chooses. This is another phase of freedom, but only true for those who have come there, for all others it will be a cock-and-bull story. And that’s OK.

We enlighten ourselves not for friends and family, not for our children and the whole world. For us. Our creations are for us. It’s always nice to be surrounded by people who see and feel what we do, but not at any price. Not at the cost of a forced stop. Unless you choose it. Our growth reflects on the fate of the world anyway, and who we become is the best example for everyone around us, we do not have to prove anything to anyone and it is beautiful.

The fact that we have many truths is really OK. This is the freedom we have always wanted, let’s use it with love as best we can. For themselves, not for others. For us…


The Abundance of Free Energy

When we do not need to earn money for a living, we live in abundance of money, we start to have different needs and desires, or we start to get really bored and look for extreme distractions.

We are surrounded by a huge amount of free energy at every moment. But are we ready to use it?
Tesla knew it long ago, but the world was not ready for it, the question is the world ready now?

When we have abundance energy we have to change our life purpose,
We are not hungry anymore, we don’t have to fight and struggle about the energy.
But mass consciousness is so used to old games that it can not give up. The whole meaning of life for most people is to fight and gain energy to survive.

There was never a lack of energy, only old games in which people got stuck.
The fight for energy is very addictive and seductive. Even when people see the solution, not wanting to stop. Everything happens because it is firmly rooted in mass consciousness.

It’s like getting used to sugar. It is very sweet and tasty. When we start to sweeten tea, we want to do it every time (maybe not everyone). But once when I had to go down to the other floor of the house to sweeten tea, I did not want to, I was lazy to walk up the stairs. That’s why I do not like sugar now and I drink tea without sugar. And it is much tastier for me. It’s just a habit.

Most people in the world have a habit of fighting for energy, they believe in a lack of energy and they have to get it from others for something. Exchange and trade.
They believe that they must eat so that their bodies survive. They must have money to live. They must use fuels and oil to recharge energy and accumulators that accumulate and store the energy.

But this is all an illusion of lack of energy.

We are created and can be self-sufficient in energy. Our physical bodies as well as everything we need to experience life fully.

How would your life look like you did not have to gain energy? What would you do? If you did not eat food, work, earn money, or drive to a gas station? What would people fight for if there was nothing for? Would not there be wars? Many people do not want change, they are afraid of change. Because it will be different than what they now know.

Can you open yourself fully to this free energy and let it flow in your life? Without limiting it, without fear, without any doubt?

You do not have to do anything, just realize it and agree to it.

And we are really free.

We are so free that we can even be imprisoned in our illusions.

And so it is…


The Flow of Energy

The FLOW of energy

I am the center of creation
Everything flows through me

I AM the attractor of energy
I AM in my sacred temple
My sacred temple is disconnected from mass-consciousness overlays
It is my safe space, my true home, and my energies

When I have problems, I just let energy to flow, and it resolves itself
Being aware of something is giving a flow of energy
Where is consciousness, awareness there is life
Where is life there is a flow of energy

Let it all go what does not serve you, do not think about solutions to your problems.
Let it all go. Allow yourself to be empty. If you do this you will unlock the blocked energy.
That’s why you let go, it will disappear from your life, or it will come back in a changed form.
Do not worry about losing everything. Everything you need will come back to you in a better form.
Being empty gives space for new things. You can not have a bit of the old one a bit new. You must let go of everything and allow yourself for a completely new potentials.

Doubts, fears, lack of trust, it stops the flow.
Sometimes, the mind can be confused because it doesn’t understand the flow of energy and how it works.

The flow, the life is natural, effortless.
When you try to fix something that you are using your mind, and it stops the flow of energy.
Be aware, extend your consciousness to that problem and let the energy to flow again.

The human being is covered by layers of mass-consciousness, doubts, fears, programming, and hypnosis.
And it stops life, the energy flow.
When we are opening more and more, we feel more and more, so it can be sometimes overwhelming,
And we can easily be drawn down into not ours energies or our aspects games.
So If we are not compassionate about us, and others and everything we feel
that we can suffer even more than being unaware and unconscious.
And it causes that we are closing in on feelings and sensuality because we don’t want to suffer and see too much.

Thus, accepting things as they are, compassion gives the flow of energy.

Be the center, be aware, be compassionate, and allow energy to flow and serve you
Let energy to rebalancing itself, don’t control or manage it.

It is so easy, so simple, and so beautiful!