When I was young and I was about 12 years old, I had a bad dream about my dog, who dies under the wheels of a car.
Next day I realized that It was true. I was shocked doubly because of my dog who died and that I can see everything that is in the past and in the future without limitation, all the same time.
I went home and prayed, took the Bible, I prayed the rosary, and begged the god and all the saints NOT TO SEE IT.
And so it happened.
All my visions, all my sensuality disappeared for years.
And after all this, I started having physical problems with my eyesight. I never had a major eye defect and never wear glasses.
But this event caused physical problems with sight and for a long time hiding from the truth and seeing the truth as it is.
I realized that for many years I had avoided problems and difficult situations by pretending that I did not see them or that they did not even exist.
I read many spiritual books, listened to shouds and felt very comfortable covering myself about myself.
“Doing spiritual things” improved my mood and made me feel good.
I cheated on my progress, but in fact my life changed little in relation to what I thought about myself and what illusions I created about myself.
The biggest problems in my life and fears were tightly covered so that they could not be seen.
This caused me to live a complete stop for a long time. No possibility of going on, still something kept me from living.
I felt frustrated that I had done so many spiritual things, events, read so many books, and I kept stuck in one place.

Then I realized that I was a total idiot, a coward, a fraud, hiding from the truth, from the problems, from myself. I saw the worst of all my previous incarnations. I saw everything AS IT IS, without closing my eyes. I accepted everything. I forgave myself everything. Fear disappeared. I felt I was integrated and FREE.


Do you wear glasses? Do you see well?
I even cheated that I have no eye defect and I was wearing without glasses without seeing anything 😀
I was afraid of enlightenment, I was afraid of abundance, I was afraid of sensuality, I was afraid of love, I was afraid of sex & many more…

And so it is…



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