Last time I was experiencing a lot of resistance and energy stuck in my life. There was a lot of time the energy was flowing and experiencing it and times when it becomes in total stuck.
So I asked myself what this resistance is? Why so much energy suddenly froze, and all my life stopped? Any movement. I can do everything, but I can’t. It was like an invisible wall I can’t pass through.
So I realized that this high resistance is just a fear of change. A great change. Part of me was afraid of new energy flow much different than before. It was very comfortable to be in a safe space, old energy patterns. But when I felt the change I resisted, I froze. New energy flow is a total trust in your divine, allowing. As Adamus said, Amhyo is a relationship between human and divine., both aware of each other. Human is not worse than divine, and the divine is not better than human. Human and Divine are equal. In this state of being, everything is flowing to us, comes to us. It sounds easy, but for the human, it means doing nothing. No fighting, no struggling, no working, no friction, no battling, no pluses, and minuses. No duality. Everything is equal. You don’t allow $1000000 to come to you, but you allow abundance in your life in the perfect amount. New energy is balancing itself without managing it. The human can expect only unexpected. Such state of being for the human is very new and uncomfortable, so it resisting it.
In old energy pattern, the human was trying to accumulate energy, but now we are the energy movers, not holders, we are starting to be constantly in the flow of energy, in Ahmyo state.
The human is afraid of losing its energy, but it can’t. If a human would get $1,000,000, it would like to save and accumulate.
But what should a man do in new energies is to let it go and trust. And then there is a movement, constant flow of energy if we are not trying to catch things, holds, and store. This state of being requires a complete trust in ourselves, our humanity and divinity.
I was experiencing it many times and always forgot about it.


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