Today I had a very nice day and a lot of peace in myself that filled me to the brim. Suddenly I met my uncle, who had a lot of doubts and everything I said was afraid and he was looking for problems. He wanted to advise me, but he really tried to scare me. However, I was filled with deep peace and I knew that it was me who created my reality, not my uncle’s fear. Someday, I would like to understand him and I would start to get angry and be afraid with him. But not today! No more! I choose different! I took care of my business while remaining calm. Later a friend called me and tried to tell me something important and at that time my phone battery was low and it turned off. The conversation was interrupted. My mind went crazy and began to give me the worst scenarios of conversation, I began to recall old memories and problems. But in the end I calmed down and said that I would choose differently! No more doubts! I don’t want this shit! I came home, recharged the phone and called back to her. I asked what was going on. And she replied that she just wanted to ask me what TV to buy. I laughed to myself and asked „That’s all?”. The reality that was at the beginning and what was later completely different. It made me realize that there is absolutely nothing to worry about things that we do not want. All problems, hardships, fears, fear are just an illusion. Focusing on them is a waste of time, because it’s not real. We may succumb to someone’s moods, or let it go and say that it’s not ours.
We always can take a good deep breath and choose what we want to experience. And each time we can change the scenario. We are the creators and only we are responsible for it. No one else. That’s it.

We need to be clear about what we want to experience. It is not about details that the mind feeds on. No intentions or mantras. It is just a saying and choosing a direction like “I want to be happy and feel good regardless of others”.
Assuming this with clarity and bold. I call it energy setting.

What are you choosing?
Remember you are completely free, you are the creator.
You are the point of creation. Everything starts and ends in you.


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