The most significant value, throughout my life, was my freedom. I have been freeing my whole life from further restrictions and beliefs to become more free and independent. For most of my life, I followed my interests and preferences, without any compromises, no matter what people thought about it. I did most things against the expectations of my family, teachers at school, church teachings, and society. I gradually rejected everything. I did everything my way. As a real pirate.
One of the most challenging things that it was difficult to get out of, apart from school, religion, family, and divorce with my wife was the state, the law, the government control.
Paying taxes, going to the offices and getting police tickets for bad parking led me to a terrible feeling of being enslaved, doing something against me and punishing me for it, scaring me for going to prison, if I did not obey. A citizen of the country is treated as a slave who must be beaten, punished and controlled. And the state, officials and other services, want to control and money. They send official letters written with threats and precepts as to a small child who will be beaten soon.
For a long time, I was subconsciously afraid of this and avoided contact with offices and diligently fulfilled all my duties despite myself.
For years, unfortunately, I lived in a great conflict, and I felt enslaved. It seemed to me that I could have my views on life, I could eat whatever I want, work where I want, but from the law in the country I live there is no escape, and I am his slave. And I was.
At some point, I had enough of everything, all my duties, that when my company went bankrupt, I was happy that I did not have to deal with all this shit.
I stopped receiving mail and reading letters. I changed the phone number, and for over two years I have not looked at it yet, and I do not even remember what I was doing and what it was about.
I had an incredible disgust to do anything about it. I avoided dealing with these matters.
During this time, through numerous removals, I lost my company documents and stamps, I do not remember passwords to bank accounts, the domains, and servers on which I kept my company data expired. I do not have much, and I do not even remember.
For this reason, for a long time I felt like a victim, and I had a deep sense of guilt to do something about it, but on the other hand, I could not even lift my finger to take it, I had such a resistance.
I blamed the government, politicians, law, banks and myself for all this situation.
I asked myself “what’s going on?”. People work hard, pay taxes, to keep the government that punishes them, forces them and blackmail them. People maintain it, and people give it the energy to live. It’s nothing but pure masochism.
Then I realized that the country in which I live is nothing but a reflection of mass consciousness. Politicians who rule are a reflection of what people think.
There are no external forces, no conspiracy theories against me.
What I avoid is what I created. I am such a great creator that I created even a swamp from which I can not leave.
When I realized that I created it, and not that someone is doing something against me, I took full responsibility for myself, for my creations. I stopped being in resistance.
Taking full responsibility for all your creations is true freedom and sovereignty. The end of being a victim and blaming others for your bad destiny.
Being outside the game of being a victim, our environment changes, and we become invisible to those who continue to play it.
When we take total responsibility for ourselves, we disconnect from the system. We can no longer dump our responsibility on anyone. It’s easier for people to get caught up, but not take responsibility. Through this convenience, we have to pay taxes.

And so it is…


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