The Abundance of Free Energy

When we do not need to earn money for a living, we live in abundance of money, we start to have different needs and desires, or we start to get really bored and look for extreme distractions.

We are surrounded by a huge amount of free energy at every moment. But are we ready to use it?
Tesla knew it long ago, but the world was not ready for it, the question is the world ready now?

When we have abundance energy we have to change our life purpose,
We are not hungry anymore, we don’t have to fight and struggle about the energy.
But mass consciousness is so used to old games that it can not give up. The whole meaning of life for most people is to fight and gain energy to survive.

There was never a lack of energy, only old games in which people got stuck.
The fight for energy is very addictive and seductive. Even when people see the solution, not wanting to stop. Everything happens because it is firmly rooted in mass consciousness.

It’s like getting used to sugar. It is very sweet and tasty. When we start to sweeten tea, we want to do it every time (maybe not everyone). But once when I had to go down to the other floor of the house to sweeten tea, I did not want to, I was lazy to walk up the stairs. That’s why I do not like sugar now and I drink tea without sugar. And it is much tastier for me. It’s just a habit.

Most people in the world have a habit of fighting for energy, they believe in a lack of energy and they have to get it from others for something. Exchange and trade.
They believe that they must eat so that their bodies survive. They must have money to live. They must use fuels and oil to recharge energy and accumulators that accumulate and store the energy.

But this is all an illusion of lack of energy.

We are created and can be self-sufficient in energy. Our physical bodies as well as everything we need to experience life fully.

How would your life look like you did not have to gain energy? What would you do? If you did not eat food, work, earn money, or drive to a gas station? What would people fight for if there was nothing for? Would not there be wars? Many people do not want change, they are afraid of change. Because it will be different than what they now know.

Can you open yourself fully to this free energy and let it flow in your life? Without limiting it, without fear, without any doubt?

You do not have to do anything, just realize it and agree to it.

And we are really free.

We are so free that we can even be imprisoned in our illusions.

And so it is…


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