Yesterday my mother called me with a grudge that I did not answer her phone. I did not have a phone with me, so I did not answer it. She saw that I did not feel guilty, so she wanted to scare me. She said that I have very important letters from the offices and I have to read them. I have not read or received mail for a long time, so again it did not impress me. But I got mad at it! Why the hell should I do something?

I do not have a duty to answer the phone every time. I have no obligation to explain to anyone of my decisions. I have no obligation to read official letters. I have no duties to others.
I am a free human.
Yes, I can like my parents, my family, and country in which I was born, I respect them, but nobody has to give anything to anyone. We are free if we choose it or we can continue to play this duty game.
But we must remember that we are creators. We are the greatest authorities for ourselves. And we decide for ourselves, not someone else. If we recognize our authority, we are free from others and at the same time we give them freedom too.


Are you your authority or are you serving others?
Do you serve energy or energy serve you?

If we recognize our mastery, we take responsibility for ourselves. We acknowledge that we are the only creators of our lives, then everything adjusts to us not we to others. Energy serves us.


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