Your human life does not matter (I’m so sorry…)

Everything we do in our life, all our efforts and care for a good life are not very important in what we really are here for. Everything serves our awakening, but how it manifests itself in our lives, what kind of work we have, who we help, in what house we live, whether we are fat or thin, whether we are intelligent or not necessarily. It does not matter. Energy adapts to us, no matter in which direction we follow, what decision we will make. Everything adjusts to us, energy leads us to know ourselves, to awaken. We can not do it wrong. We’ve done it already a long time ago. What is happening now is experiencing it again.
Many of us are trying to live life with dignity. We try to improve our human lives, health and abundance.
Then it seems to us that we will be happy. But it usually does not work. It may look superficially good, but it is not true happiness just patching holes.
If your job is to lose weight and stick to a good diet, or find a good job, a beloved partner or that fucking enlightenment, it’s human motivation! Your life is managed by the ego. This is not real life. This is mostly survival.

So what the hell are we supposed to do?

The funniest thing about all this is that all our hardships and endeavors did not matter. All your diplomas, your IQ, certificates, academic titles, professional achievements. Everything that was important to a human being is of little importance. If you have not done anything all your life and you have no achievements, that’s great, you have not lost anything! This is great news for all losers!
I’m so pissed that they told me to learn at school!

You did not have to meditate or do spiritual efforts. You did not have to cleanse your body and practice difficult yoga figures. You did not have to eat organic food. You could eat meat, gluten, sweeten tea, smoke cigarettes and eat cookies with preservatives. You did not have to help everyone and be nice to others.
THIS was just a distraction. Big fat story.

So what the hell are we supposed to do?



Just take a deep breath and allow to be your essence, to be YOU.
Radiate this essence, stay in your pure existence.

And do no-thing.

I’m not joking.

I am very serious Master.


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  1. I read your words,,, and post and I say Yes to all. I AM that I AM the Master. AS I stand in THIS NOW and look back at the 73 years of life in this body I Marvel at all the twists and turns that I created to get me here. there was no bad stuff all was “perfect” timing. At the time I thought things couldn’t get any worse but those times were just stepping stones along this PATH. thank you,,,, .

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